Feng Shui of keeping dogs at home

The Feng Shui function of dogs. Who will have good luck with dogs

in geomantic omen, raising a dog can sometimes be used as a way to improve fortune. Dogs represent Xu in numerology. If the word needs to be broken away, you can use raising a dog to urge wealth, etc

when a dog hits, it is called: Xu, the five elements like earth, which belongs to fire earth

suitable for people with dogs :

according to the Chinese zodiac: horse, tiger and rabbit, these three zodiac are more suitable for raising

according to the life grid: people who like fire in the life grid or people born in cold winter are more suitable for raising dogs. Dogs represent fire and earth in the five elements, and have the characteristics of fire and earth at the same time. If people like soil more than water in the life grid, raising dogs is easy to bring good luck

people who are not suitable for dogs :

according to the Chinese zodiac: it belongs to dragon and cow. These two zodiac signs need to be careful

according to the life style: if people in the life style have too much fire and soil, or people who have little water, they should be careful in raising dogs, which is easy to bring negative effects on their own luck

note: however, dogs should have a beginning and an end. Love animals. Don’t abandon dogs and turn them into stray dogs

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