How to choose the color of the car according to the five elements

how to choose the color of the car according to the car

the models and colors of the car are becoming more and more diversified. As a daily transportation tool, you can choose the models and colors according to your own five element lack

how to choose the car number according to the fortune telling

in China, numbers often have their own meanings of good and bad luck. When buying a car, many car owners like to choose some lucky car numbers, such as 6, 8, 9, etc., but in fact, these so-called lucky numbers do not necessarily suit themselves. It is the most appropriate to choose the car number according to their own fortune telling numbers

the tail number plays the most important role in the car number, which should be the number of flying stars in the owner’s fortune telling

how to choose parking spaces according to life

as a car owner, you need to go to one place more than ordinary people, that is, the parking lot. Therefore, the layout of parking lot has a great impact on car owners

Feng Shui believes that a car is a thing of fire, and if it is parked at a place where the fire is strong, it will help boost the fire

during the Eighth National Games, the nine purple stars belonging to fire are located in the northwest. If the five elements are short of fire, it is very advantageous to park in the northwest

however, if the person who avoids fire in the five elements parks his car in the northwest, it will be very disadvantageous

if the parking space cannot be changed, the parking space can be painted white

if the color of the parking space cannot be changed, put a bucket of water here to weaken the fire and wash the car here from time to time

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