Why shouldn’t the living room have sharp corners

There may be irregular sharp corners in some living rooms now. It is best to avoid the living room with sharp corners when choosing the living room. In addition, some furniture in the living room also has sharp corners. When placing, pay attention not to form a situation where sharp corners collide with each other. For example, the sofa should not be placed against the corner of the wall or the corner of the table, the corner of the living room should not face the door or the door, and the collision between the corner of the table and the corner of the wall should also be avoided. The living room is the heart of the whole house. Sharp corners rush into the living room, which has a great impact on the feng shui of the whole house. Sharp corners belong to fire in the five elements. When sharp corners collide with each other in Feng Shui, they are called ” Fire shaped evil spirit ” ;. Furniture can be used to modify and dissolve the fire shaped evil spirit

  ” Fire shaped evil spirit ” ; The power of is very great. The image of sharp corners is easy to think of sharp tools such as swords, which is easy to stab and protect people’s health and aura. Moreover, fire is not conducive to wealth, and the evil spirit formed is especially easy to lose money

  ” Fire shaped evil spirit ” ; Not only in the living room, but also in the bedroom, which will seriously affect people’s sleep. Therefore, sharp corners should be avoided in the bedroom. Moreover, in the children’s room and the elderly’s room, the resistance of children and the elderly is relatively weak, so it is difficult to resist ” Fire shaped evil spirit ” ; The evil spirit of

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