Kitchen fortune Feng Shui layout

The kitchen also has ” Treasury ” ; The quality of kitchen feng shui will affect the development of wealth. The Feng Shui layout of the kitchen is very important. If the kitchen is properly arranged, it can also attract wealth. So how should the kitchen be arranged? Here are some key points for you. Friends who want to build a kitchen to attract money and Feng Shui must not miss it

1. The kitchen cannot be set as an open type

now more and more designs pay attention to modernity and simplicity. Some kitchens are facing the living room. The kitchen has the financial position of the kitchen, and the living room has the financial position of the living room. Collecting money on Feng Shui pays attention to hiding wind and receiving gas, and the air flow is connected, which can imagine the impact on financial luck. On the other hand, this layout has been living for a long time. The gas produced by cooking in the kitchen, such as oil fume, floats at home, which is also harmful to health

2. The location of the kitchen

Feng Shui is usually that the kitchen should be placed in the four evil sides of the parents’ life, which is conducive to suppress the evil side. The Yang generated by the fire can improve the foul air and Feng Shui of the evil side. The location of the kitchen should be as far away from the door as possible and should also be located in the back half of the house

3. Kitchen color

the color of the kitchen is selected according to the lighting and space of the kitchen. The room facing Southeast has plenty of sunshine, so cold color should be used to make people feel a little cool when the sun is strong. Warm color can be used in the kitchen facing north to improve the indoor temperature. The kitchen with high top can be treated with dignified dark color to make it look not so high. The light and bright colors can make the small room look more spacious. Generally speaking, soft colors make the kitchen warm, cordial and harmonious. Warm colors make the kitchen atmosphere lively and enthusiastic, and can also enhance appetite

4. The kitchen door should not face the bedroom door, toilet door and balcony door

the smell of oil smoke entering the bedroom is unfavorable to the people in the bedroom. Toilet smell into the kitchen is more inappropriate, and the toilet is water and the kitchen is fire. Once there is a phenomenon that water and fire are not allowed, family disputes will arise. The balcony door and kitchen door will make the air flow too smooth and do not stay at home, resulting in the weakening of the cohesion of the home and the lack of warm atmosphere

5. Do not place mirrors in the kitchen

in Feng Shui, if the mirror is placed correctly, the current situation of Feng Shui can be improved. If the display is in the wrong position, it will cause great harm to the residents. And the mirror can’t reflect the fire, otherwise the house will suffer fire or misfortune

6. Avoid chongke in the kitchen

the kitchen not only has a stove, but also must have water. The five element attribute of the stove is fire, and the five element attribute of the vegetable washing basin and faucet is water. The two cannot hedge against each other, otherwise it is easy to lead to unstable family transportation and ups and downs. Of course, if the layout is appropriate, this kind of conflict can also play the effect of combining water and fire. If you are not proficient in Feng Shui, this kind of conflict layout should be avoided as far as possible

kitchen Feng Shui not only affects the health of the family, but also has a great impact on the fortune. The above are some good methods. Good feng shui layout in the kitchen can make the family healthy and have windfall profits, so we should pay more attention

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