The layout of Feng Shui in the living room

Any carefully planned Feng Shui layout or interior design, if combined with the chaotic life order, will be destroyed

the living room is the center of a home, where visitors and family reunions are held. This space must feel calm, soft and safe. Whether it is western interior design or Feng Shui, it should make people feel comfortable and energetic

it’s better to choose something with soft texture and sort out some books and magazines. Those expired newspapers and magazines represent the past information. The so-called old ones don’t go and the new ones don’t come. Of course, they should be put in the storeroom. The living room should be kept fresh. It also needs to consider the circulation of air, cold and heating (especially the way of ground heating) and the equipment of ventilator. Too much dust, dirt and bad smell will turn the original good Feng Shui into bad feng shui

the living room is equipped with appropriate storage function, which is an important method to effectively use space, improve life efficiency and obtain good feng shui

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