Uncover Feng Shui taboo of kitchen ceiling decoration

In order to decorate the kitchen, some people will install the ceiling when decorating. What are the taboos about Feng Shui when installing the ceiling? In this regard, we must pay special attention to how to uncover the Feng Shui taboos of kitchen ceiling decoration? Let’s have a look

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to uncover the Feng Shui taboo of kitchen ceiling decoration, special attention must be paid to

seven Feng Shui taboos of kitchen ceiling

ceiling mirror or sharp object

when kitchen ceiling is installed, never install a mirror on the ceiling. The mirror reflects the reflected light to people’s eyes, which is easy to be scalded by fire or vegetables during cooking. There are sharp shapes on the kitchen ceiling, just like the knife rest on the head, which means dangerous

the color should not use dark color

the kitchen ceiling should use dark color. When using knives and appliances for cooking in the kitchen, you may be accidentally injured because the light is too dark

the kitchen ceiling should not be too low

the kitchen ceiling is too low. Such a space is not suitable for installing the ceiling, otherwise it will give a sense of space depression, Affect the smoothness of the air and make the kitchen operator feel uncomfortable

it is not suitable to use the circular ceiling

the kitchen belongs to fire in the five elements, and the circle belongs to fire in the five elements, so it is not suitable. The rectangular ceiling should be used. The rectangle belongs to wood. Wood makes fire

it is not suitable to use mouth shaped ceiling

the kitchen space is generally not very large. In addition, with the use of mouth shaped ceiling, people will become a ” Prisoner ” ; Therefore, it is recommended to use less mouth-shaped ceiling

kitchen ceiling beam

kitchen ceiling Feng Shui pays attention to that the ceiling should not have a beam, and the beam should be pressed. There is a great sense of oppression in kitchen operation, which affects the level of cooking operation. To avoid, wrap the beam on the kitchen ceiling with something or cover it with mascot decoration

the kitchen ceiling should be light color

the kitchen ceiling should be light color, and the floor should be dark color, so as to meet the meaning of light sky and heavy earth. Visually, there will be no feeling of top heavy or top pressure

pay attention to the details of the ceiling decoration of the kitchen

the correct installation sequence in the kitchen is to fix the hose of the range hood and the flue, select the position where the range hood needs to be installed at the other end, and then install the ceiling. It is best not to install large lamps directly on the ceiling

the emergence of ceiling has only been more than 20 years. In the 1980s and 1990s, people gradually put the house ” Armed; To the roof. At that time, the function of the ceiling in the kitchen and bathroom was mainly to cover up the ugliness, because it could wrap the down pipe and other messy things. At that time, the ceiling materials were mainly plywood and wooden keel. Although it is childish to think of it now, their combination replaced the previous method of painting white ash and paint on the roof. As a pioneering work at that time, hanging plywood and gypsum board became a necessary process for people to catch up with fashion. However, those who have some space and some money want to hang more layers of plywood on their own house, but this material can not stand the scrutiny of time. Within a year and a half, many families began to ” Critically ill ” , Cracks appeared, so the ceiling in that era was only beautiful and not practical

PVC plate and aluminum gusset plate are the most commonly used materials in today’s home decoration construction. PVC plate and aluminum gusset plate are often used in the ceiling of kitchen and toilet. According to the engineering personnel, PVC board is the most common and cheapest. It is also a multi-purpose ceiling material for economic decoration kitchen. The price ranges from a few yuan to more than 20 yuan per square meter. It takes PVC as raw material and can be waterproof, moisture-proof and mothproof. Because flame retardant materials are added in the production process, it is safe to use. There are many kinds of designs and patterns of this material, most of which are plain colors, but also imitation patterns and imitation marble patterns. Its cross section is a honeycomb mesh structure, and there are processed grooves and tenons on both sides

when selecting such materials, it should be noted that the surface should be free of cracks and scratches, the tongue and groove and tenon should be complete and straight, bite each other smoothly, and there is no fluctuation in some parts. The disadvantage of PVC plate is poor high temperature resistance and easy to deform in a hot environment for a long time

Aluminum gusset plate can not only prevent fire and moisture, but also prevent corrosion, antistatic, sound absorption and sound insulation. It can be regarded as the most common ceiling material at present. There are two kinds of aluminum gusset plate surface: punching and plane. The biggest function of punching is ventilation and sound absorption. A layer of film cushion is paved in the plate, and the moisture can be absorbed by the film through punching. It is suitable for wet places such as toilets. The basic materials of domestic aluminum gusset plates are aluminum magnesium alloy and aluminum manganese alloy, and the price is mostly about 50 or 60 yuan per square meter, while the basic materials of imported products are aluminum zinc alloy, with hardness higher than that of domestic products, and the price is about 200 yuan per square meter. The quality inspection of aluminum gusset plate mainly depends on whether the opening size of the surface mesh is uniform, whether the arrangement is neat, whether the gloss of the surface is good after plastic spraying, whether the thickness is uniform, etc

all problems can be solved at one time. At present, the most fashionable and high-grade should be the integrated ceiling. This is the latest product of ceiling decoration in the upper space of kitchen and bathroom after the emergence of the overall kitchen and bathroom. It represents the most advanced technology of ceiling decoration in kitchen and bathroom

the integrated ceiling breaks the invariance of the original traditional ceiling, modularizes and assembles the original products, and can freely choose ceiling materials, ventilation lighting and heating modules. The effect is clear at a glance, and the problem of ceiling can be solved at one time. When purchasing, we should first look at the appearance, whether the product module is flat and whether the surface treatment is clean and smooth. Secondly, it depends on the internal process, especially whether the internal electrical connections of the functional modules are neat, whether the workmanship is excellent, whether various spare parts are provided by brands, etc

in general, the advantage of integrated ceiling is that it divides the traditional ceiling into several functional modules, and then combines them into a new system through consumers’ free choice, which can move freely and combine again, which completely eliminates the accident hidden dangers caused by Yuba in the traditional ceiling, and has beautiful and fashionable appearance and complete functions

types of ceiling materials for kitchen decoration

1. Ordinary gypsum board

ordinary gypsum board ordinary gypsum board is formed by pressing gypsum inside with double-sided stickers. At present, there are two common specifications of ordinary gypsum board in the market, 1200 * 3000 and 1200 * 2440, and the thickness is generally 9 mm. It is characterized by low price, but it is easy to soften or decompose in case of water and moisture. It is not recommended to use it in the humid kitchen environment

2. Calcium silicate board

calcium silicate board, also known as mineral wool gypsum board composite board, is a porous material with good sound insulation and heat insulation performance. It can attract water molecules in the air under the information of indoor air humidity. When the air is dry, it can release water molecules. It can appropriately adjust indoor dryness and humidity and increase comfort. Gypsum products are also super grade fireproof materials. They can produce endothermic reaction in the flame. At the same time, they release water molecules to prevent the spread of the fire, and will not decompose to produce any toxic, corrosive and suffocating gas, nor will they produce any combustion supporting substances or flue gas

compared with gypsum board, calcium silicate board retains the beauty of gypsum board in appearance; The weight is much lower than gypsum board, and the strength is much higher than gypsum board; The fatal weakness of gypsum board deformation due to moisture has been completely changed, and the consumption life of materials has been prolonged several times; It is also better than gypsum board in noise elimination, heat preservation and other functions

the general specification of calcium silicate board is 600 * 600, which is mainly used in studios, shopping malls and other places, and is not suitable for consumption in family decoration

types of ceiling materials for kitchen decoration

3. Aluminum gusset plate

Aluminum gusset plate: a new type of home decoration ceiling material appeared in the 1990s, which is mainly used in the ceiling projects of kitchen commercial houses and toilets. Because all projects of aluminum gusset plate consume all metal, it is superior to PVC materials and plastic steel materials in terms of consumption life and environmental protection ability. At present, aluminum gusset plate has become one of the indispensable materials in all home decoration projects. People often refer to aluminum gusset plate as: ” lsquo; Kitchen and bathroom Hats ” rsquo; It is precisely because he has better protection performance and beautification and decoration effect on kitchen commercial houses and toilets! At present, the aluminum gusset plate industry has been publicly popularized in large and medium-sized cities in the mainland, and has become mature and open

according to the classification of surface finishing process, home decoration aluminum gusset plate in the mainland is mainly divided into three categories: sprayed aluminum gusset plate, roll coated aluminum gusset plate and film coated aluminum gusset plate. In turn, the consumption life increases step by step and the performance increases. The normal consumption life of sprayed aluminum gusset plate is 5-10 years, that of roll coated aluminum gusset plate is 7-15 years, and that of film coated aluminum gusset plate is 10-30 years

Aluminum gusset plate has many specifications, such as long strip, square and rectangle, and many colors. Therefore, there are many choices in the ceiling of kitchen and bathroom. At present, the commonly used long strip specifications are 5cm, 10cm, 15cm and 20cm; There are more than 300 * 300600 * 600 commonly used specifications for square shape, 300 * 300 for small area and 600 * 600 for large area. In order to make the ceiling look more beautiful, you can match the width with the two colors. The thickness of aluminum gusset plate is 0.4, 0.6, 0.8 mm, etc. the thicker the aluminum gusset plate is, the smoother it is, and the longer the consumption life is

4. Integrated ceiling

integrated ceiling (also known as integral ceiling, combined ceiling and intelligent ceiling) is the latest product of ceiling decoration in the upper space of kitchen and bathroom after the emergence of integral bathroom and integral kitchen commercial housing. It represents the top technology of kitchen and bathroom ceiling decoration today. The integrated ceiling breaks the invariance of the original traditional ceiling, and truly realizes the modularization and modularization of the original products, allowing you to freely choose the ceiling materials, ventilation lighting and heating modules. The effect is clear at a glance and can be achieved in one step when shopping

5. Aluminum plastic plate

aluminum plastic plate, as a new decorative material, has been rapidly favored by people for its economy, diversity of optional colors, convenient construction methods, excellent processing performance, excellent fire resistance and noble quality in just a few years. Aluminum plastic plate is divided into single-sided and double-sided, which is composed of aluminum layer and plastic layer. One side is soft and two sides are hard. Double sided aluminum plastic plate is commonly used in family decoration. The common specification of aluminum-plastic plate is 1220 * 2440, with rich colors. It is a good material for indoor ceiling and guarantee. The exterior walls and door faces of many high-rise buildings are made of this material

6. PVC board

PVC ceiling profile takes PVC as raw material and is processed into tongue and groove profile. It has the characteristics of light weight, simple installation, waterproof and moisture-proof. Its surface color and pattern change very much, and it is resistant to damage, easy to clean, good performance of sound insulation and heat insulation. It has low cost and good decorative effect. Therefore, it has become the leading material for ceiling in toilet, kitchen commercial room, toilet, corridor and so on. However, with the emergence of aluminum gusset plate and aluminum-plastic plate, PVC plate is replaced step by step, mainly because PVC plate is easy to aging and yellowing

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