How should the balcony orientation be selected

The balcony is the entrance of a house to receive gas. Choosing the location of the balcony should first consider what kind of gas should be included in the house and what kind of gas is conducive to family health and home feng shui

the balcony should not be located in the north or the West. This is because if the balcony is located in the north, there will be cold wind blowing in winter, which will collide with the indoor heating, resulting in the disharmony of yin and Yang, which is easy to cause people to suffer from colds and respiratory diseases. In addition, the gas field of yin and Yang collision will also have an adverse impact on Feng Shui. The main house is restless, with frequent storms and more obstacles from the outside world

if the balcony is located in the west, because the west is the setting sun, there will be a partial west sun in the afternoon, and the strong sunshine will not dissipate in the evening, which will not only make people feel irritable, but also destroy the feng shui of the house, making the family often suffer and have a hard time. Therefore, when choosing the balcony orientation, it is best to avoid facing north or west

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