Where is the restaurant for home transportation

The location of the restaurant is directly related to the feng shui of the restaurant. It must be carefully considered when carrying out the interior decoration and layout. Specifically, there are the following points to pay attention to:

(1) the restaurant should face the south. There is a warm and soft south wind entering the room in the south. At the same time, the sunshine is sufficient, and the south is a digram, which is a great bright elephant. The five elements are fire, which can bless the future of the house and the prosperity of the day

(2) the restaurant should face to the East. Both the East and Southeast directions belong to wood, which is the growth direction of all things. The main house is full of vitality and prosperity

(3) the restaurant should not be located in the kitchen or opposite to the kitchen door, otherwise the oil fume will spread into the restaurant and affect the mood and good atmosphere during dining

(4) the restaurant and the kitchen should be located adjacent to each other, because the kitchen and the restaurant have the same root. If they are too far apart, the auspicious atmosphere will be cut off and not smooth, affecting the feng shui of the house

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