How should the tea table be placed in the living room

In front of or on the left and right sides of the sofa in the living room, there must be a tea table to match it. The function of the tea table is to put some temporary objects for the host and guest, and put fruits, flowers, tea cups, newspapers and other items. It is a place for the host and guest to put the necessary supplies during rest and discussion. There is a tea table in front of the sofa. At the same time, there is a shelter or protection in front of the people sitting in front of the sofa, so as not to open space, Give people sitting on the sofa a sense of security

therefore, it is better to place the tea table directly in front of the main sofa. The tea table should be smaller than the sofa and lower than the knees of the person sitting on the sofa. The tea table placed in front of the sofa should keep a certain distance from the sofa. This is to facilitate the subject and guest to stretch their feet and have a certain activity space. At the same time, in terms of Feng Shui, it is also to make the vitality and wealth surrounding the sofa flow smoothly without stagnation somewhere

in addition, the tea table can also be placed on both sides of the sofa. Generally, it is a small tea table matched with a set of sofa. It is placed on both sides of the main sofa, such as green dragon and white tiger. Some decorations or telephones can be placed, which is also in line with the way of Feng Shui

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