Feng Shui, the door faces the kitchen, okay

In geomantic omen, the kitchen is the position in the home that is related to wealth and fortune. At the same time, it is also called the place where the kitchen Treasury is located, so the geomantic omen of the kitchen is very important. How to arrange the geomantic omen of the kitchen is also a big question in people’s mind. In some house types, the position of the kitchen is easily facing the gate. It is said that such kitchen geomantic omen will be detrimental to the fortune of the home and our wealth, It’s the embodiment of losing money. Then, how about Feng Shui facing the kitchen? Let’s see what the relevant articles say

1. The kitchen door cannot face the door directly

People often say; Open the door to the stove and waste more money ” , The gate is the place where wealth and fortune enter and exit. When you open the door, you will see the kitchen. Those auspicious spirits will be burned at once. Can you be blessed and rich? If you set the kitchen like this, it will damage the hostess’s health and the wealth of the family. And there is no way to save it. The only way is to change the door

2. The stove mouth is opposite to the door

the orientation taboo of the stove mouth is opposite to the door, including the door, toilet, bedroom and other doors should not be opposite, because the door belongs to the entrance and exit of gas and bad luck. If the stove door is opposite to the door, in addition to the fire washing away the wealth gas against the door, the most important thing is that the evil spirit entering the door and rushing into the stove will easily affect your health, Especially when cooking on the stove often, the most important impact is the health of the body, which is easy to cause unnecessary right and wrong disasters

3. The kitchen door cannot be opposite to the door

the kitchen is where the wealth of a family lies, and the door is the entrance of Qi, which is the place for family and friends to go in and out. When the door is facing the kitchen door, the kitchen will have a panoramic view of the outside world, and the wealth will be exposed, resulting in family financial difficulties. Which places are suitable or unsuitable for placing stoves; It is not immutable, but depends on the stove orientation and ” House ” ; And ” Life ” ; It depends on the relationship, that is to say, different houses and different people place stoves in different directions

4. The kitchen door cannot face the toilet door

I believe everyone can understand this. Almost every article on Feng Shui reminds us not to face the toilet at the door. As a place where filth occurs, the toilet can’t be right no matter what door it is. Not to mention the kitchen door. The kitchen is the source of food of a family size, and the daily energy is generated by these foods, while the toilet is a dirty place. Facing it, all the foul gas is sucked into the stomach. Can you say you’re lucky? Moreover, the kitchen is the place where food is cooked, which represents fire, but the toilet is negative, which represents water. The two are relatively incompatible, that is, water and fire are incompatible. Feng Shui said that this will lead to disharmony between husband and wife, uneasiness at home and affect the health of the family

5. Is the kitchen facing the bedroom door?

is the kitchen facing the bedroom door? The answer is not good! The appliances and accessories inside the kitchen need to be carefully arranged, otherwise it is easy to form a bad atmosphere. Facing the bedroom door of the resident will have an adverse impact on the people living inside, which is naturally bad. The conflict between water and fire is very destructive to marriage. If the kitchen Feng Shui arrangement is appropriate, there is no water and fire competition, and we can’t take it lightly, because the oil smoke and fire of the kitchen will enter the bedroom and affect the health of the bedroom owner

6. Solution method:

(1) place a pair of dragon turtles or unicorns on the table and rush to the door or wall knife brake position

the most important geomantic omen in the kitchen is the geomantic omen of the stove. Above the geomantic omen, the stove should not be placed in the center of the kitchen. The center of the kitchen itself belongs to a place with heavy fire. If placed in the center, the geomantic omen of the kitchen will be destroyed, and the kitchen will also cause disputes among family members due to excessive fire, that is, it is easy to cause disputes between right and wrong, It is especially unfavorable to the feelings between people, and it is easy to destroy the harmonious relationship between family members

in fact, door to door itself is a bad phenomenon, which will form a kind of evil spirit, which will affect the overall Feng Shui of the home. Besides, the kitchen door should not be opposite to the door, nor should the kitchen door be opposite to the toilet door and bedroom door. This is bad feng shui, which will have a bad impact on the feng shui of the home. So do you have a deeper understanding of the Feng Shui door of the kitchen

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