How to resolve Feng Shui in bedroom and bathroom

The most important thing is the placement of the bed: first of all, the bed should not be next to the wall of the bathroom. You can use the wardrobe next to the wall, which can play a certain buffer role

P “gt; it’s uncomfortable to face the toilet bed directly. Secondly, it’s not enough to flush the bathroom directly. The ventilation condition of the indoor toilet is not very good. You must keep it clean and dry. Clean it quickly after bathing. When the door is opened, open the door of the toilet to facilitate ventilation. But when you go to bed at night, you must remember to close the toilet door, otherwise the moisture and filth will rush to the bed and directly affect people’s health

the bedroom doors and windows face the bed, which will have a very adverse impact on the house transportation of the bedroom. Because the bed is a place for people to rest, doors and windows belong to air vents. If the door or window of the bedroom faces the bed, the wind outside the house will directly blow to the bed. The wind is conducive to house transportation, but rushing directly towards the bed will be harmful to health. Why? Because people lie flat and quiet when they fall asleep, and their energy will be lost quietly. At this time, it is easier to speed up the loss of their own gas field when they are blown by the wind, especially the cold wind in winter, which brings the cold air to bed

in addition, if the door or window is facing the bed, the light on the bed will be stronger, especially vulnerable to sunlight, which will affect people’s lunch break. Another important point is that when the door or window is facing the bed, especially the master bedroom, the Qi of husband and wife on the bed is easy to disperse. This kind of air leakage house is easy to commit peach blossom

how to dissolve the Feng Shui in the bedroom and bathroom

first, put a few pots of mud foliage plants in the bathroom, which is conducive to allowing green plants to help us absorb more pollution

II. If conditions permit, a screen can be set between the bed and the bathroom as a shelter, which is also a good solution

III. mahogany beast head special chemical brake. Peach wood beast head is a lucky thing specially designed for the bathroom. Placing the beast head directly against the door of the bathroom can dissolve the evil spirit brought by the bathroom. In addition, peach wood beast head also has the effects of expelling evil spirits, dissolving evil spirits and decontaminating

IV. install a ventilator in the bathroom, which can draw the foul gas out of the bathroom. On the one hand, it can reduce the harm of moisture, on the other hand, it can keep the air in the bathroom fresh and dry

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