How to judge the Feng Shui orientation of the stove

In fact, the feng shui of the stove can also be said to be a very important link in the feng shui of the kitchen. The feng shui of the kitchen is one of the most important Feng Shui in the family. Then we can know how to place the feng shui of the stove is the best. In addition, we should try to avoid some Feng Shui taboos. We can know the details

how to judge the orientation of the stove

(1) starting from the theory that the five elements generate and overcome each other, the East belongs to wood and the South belongs to fire. Therefore, the stove belonging to fire should be oriented towards the south, and the fire prosperous direction is the best. The orientation of the stove towards the east or south is the most consistent with the orientation of the five elements. In ancient times, people cooked by burning dead branches and weeds. The stove mouth was facing east, which could well cooperate with the wind direction and cook smoothly

(2) the relationship between the orientation of the stove and the relative position of the water tank. The stove represents fire, while the sink represents water. If water and fire are compatible, the stove and sink should be arranged in an L-shape. They do not collide with each other, which can make a family healthy and safe; If the stove and sink are in a straight line, water and fire are not allowed, which will affect the household fortune

(3) the orientation of the stove should follow the principle of sitting on the brake and turning to the auspicious. If the stove is located in Kyrgyzstan, it indicates that everyone in the family is healthy and the relationship between husband and wife will be harmonious. On the contrary, it will make the marriage difficult to be happy, or the family become weak and sick

(4) the stove faces the window, which is a big taboo in Feng Shui, which is easy to make the family lose money. Moreover, the stove will make the windowsill and pane accumulate oil smoke, which is dirty and difficult to clean up; And the sand and dust outside the window into the stove is also very unsanitary

how to judge the orientation of the stove tightly

1. The stove should not be in the reverse direction

if the house sits in the South and North and the stove mouth sits in the north and south, it represents bad luck. In addition, the stove cannot be directly opposite to the door, which is unfavorable to the people in the room

2. The stove should not go straight through the door

the stove is the place where a family cooks food and supports life, so it should not be too exposed, especially not suitable for the direct impact of external air brought in by the door

3. Avoid the kitchen door to the stove

the stove should not be exposed. If you can see the stove outside the door, it means bad luck

4. Avoid being relative to the toilet

the stove cannot be relative to the toilet, which will cause diseases to enter through the mouth and affect your health

5. Avoid being opposite to the door

the kitchen stove is a place to live, which is relatively dry and hot, so it can’t be opposite to the door, which will be unfavorable to the people in the room

how to judge the position of the stove

the cleanliness of the stove should be maintained. It is best to use your spare time to ensure such a point. If you feel laborious, you can clean it regularly, such as once a month. It’s absolutely not allowed to never take care of this problem, unless you don’t eat and cook at home, it’s another matter

it’s better not to put the tool next to the stove to ensure that the tool can be far away from the stove. But in fact, if you get too close, it is easy to be affected in some cases. For example, it will lead to the poor transportation of noble people, and even the health transportation will be affected

attention should also be paid to the position of the stove. It is best to place it moderately. This is also to remind you that if you put it wrong, it will easily have a great impact on people, including many difficulties and traps in one’s life. Therefore, we must think more about it and don’t take it lightly

in fact, we all need to make good use of some of the information we have in hand, or in our daily life. The best thing is that good feng shui brings us good luck, rather than facing some things we don’t want to try at all. This leads us to have no scruples about the content of Feng Shui, which is very important

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