What Feng Shui issues should be considered when decorating a house

In Feng Shui, we all know that decoration feng shui knowledge occupies an important position. Let’s learn about feng shui knowledge about decorating a house

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understanding of Feng Shui in house decoration

Feng Shui that should be paid attention to in house decoration

1. Stairs and doors go straight

no matter what kind of house, you can’t let stairs and doors go straight, especially in villas. Sometimes stairs are designed to face the door for beauty, which is easy to lead to the loss of money and happiness. And the slope of the stairs should be as small as possible, otherwise it is difficult to gather gas. The size of the house is also related to the shape selection of the stairs. Spiral stairs can be made in small houses, which is not only conducive to gas accumulation, but also save space; Large space houses can use arc stairs and broken line stairs. The former is beautiful and comfortable, and the latter is more casual. They are good choices. These three kinds of stairs can leave a large space for the flow of indoor air field, which meets the ” Like whirling, avoid straight rushing ” ; It also takes into account the practicability and aesthetics. When setting up stairs, try to choose the position close to the wall

2. The ceiling of the porch is too low

the space of the porch is the key to air circulation and should be relatively spacious, so as to facilitate the air transportation at home. If the ceiling is too low, it is easy to cause a sense of oppression, which symbolizes that the family is easy to be suppressed and can’t stand out one day. Therefore, the ceiling of the porch should be high rather than low

3. The attic of the villa is used as the bedroom

whether it is a villa or an ordinary residence, the square shape is the most basic requirement of the bedroom, and it cannot be polygonal or have beveled edges. If the attic is used as a bedroom, the beveled edge of the roof is easy to cause visual illusion, and the polygonal bedroom pattern formed by the beveled edge will also increase people’s mental burden, and people living in this house are prone to diseases or accidents. Therefore, if you want to make effective use of the attic of the villa, it is recommended to use it as a storage room

4. The inclination of the roof is too large

generally, there will be no Feng Shui problem on the roof, but now there are some houses with European and American style. The roofs of some houses have too extreme slopes and shapes, forming a ferocious appearance from the face. A triangular roof with a large inclination or a roof with a slope is called ” Cold shoulder house, It is a Feng Shui pattern that is not conducive to the accumulation of wealth. The sharper the roof, the greater the negative impact. The triangular roof with great inclination will make the air flow inside and outside the house abnormal; A sloping roof will bias the intake of external air and make the frequency of the body unbalanced. Living under this deformed roof for a long time is easy to become neurotic and hysterical, and eventually become depressed

5. The porch light is yellow

the light in the porch is round, which symbolizes perfection. White light should be used for lighting. White light represents rationality and has decisive and rational judgment. Therefore, it is beneficial for family members to be more rational when using money. Yellow light represents sensibility. Sensibility makes people hesitate and is not conducive to judgment. Using yellow light is also easy to make family spend money unknowingly

6. Place heavy objects in the central position

for a villa, the central position is the most important place in Feng Shui, which is as important as human heart. No matter which floor it is, there must be no heavy objects in this position. For the floor with a bedroom, if there happens to be a room in the middle, do not leave it vacant for a long time. Selecting this room in the bedroom is regarded as a sign of the emperor in Feng Shui. Living in this bedroom for a long time is very beneficial to the development of study and career. In this way, the villa has become a real ” Imperial house ”

7. The air in the porch is not circulating and sundries are scattered.

the porch is the first space to enter the door. Making effective use of this space can play a good role. Don’t set up a fan at the entrance to disturb the air flow, and don’t be too closed to hinder the flow of air flow. Light a long light at the entrance to brighten the entrance, which is conducive to the circulation of air. This is the reason why the God of wealth likes to patronize in Feng Shui. Don’t stack sundries in the porch, and all kinds of articles should be cleaned up in order to be conducive to Feng Shui

8. The chandelier in the bedroom is above the bed

many family bedrooms have chandeliers on the top, but if the chandelier is right above the bed, it is bad for people. When people sleep in bed, they will feel pressed by the light, which is harmful to their health. The solution is to move the bed to a place where the chandelier can’t be pressed, or simply upset the chandelier

9. The sharp corner of the porch floor is aligned with the pattern of the door

the porch is an air inlet, so the pattern of the floor is suitable for those with auspicious meanings. Be sure to avoid the pattern with sharp corners facing the door, and don’t let the texture of the wooden floor face the door. They will also form a ferocious spirit, which is bad for family luck

10. Number of bedroom lamps 2, 3 and 5

many families will install a pair of wall lamps or place a pair of desk lamps at the head of the bed. However, this arrangement represents the two evil spirits, which is harmful to health. The solution is to use a row of lights to illuminate, but the number of lights cannot be two, three or five

11. The door faces the wall

the door of some houses is in the corridor, and the wall can be seen when you open the door. Such a layout is not only not conducive to the circulation of air flow, but also the people living in the house are often in a depressed state. The solution is to install a mirror on the wall opposite the door to ease the sense of cramp. Photos or posters of natural landscapes can also be hung here to symbolically enhance the sense of space

12. There are too many furniture in the porch

the porch is a necessary place to enter and exit the house. For convenience, some furniture for storage is usually set here. Such as wind and rain cabinet, locker, etc. However, the furniture here should not be too much, but should make full use of the space to effectively and neatly accommodate enough furniture in the limited space. Furniture design should pay attention to the coordination with other furniture styles at home, so as to achieve the effect of mutual echo

13. The interior design of the shoe cabinet is unreasonable

Feng Shui emphasizes the flow of air flow. If the peculiar smell of shoes in the shoe cabinet is emitted, it is bound to spread the turbid air all over the house. Therefore, when designing the shoe cabinet, we should try to reduce the peculiar smell. And the shoes must be cleaned before they can be put into the shoe cabinet, and pay attention to the hygiene and cleaning of the shoe cabinet at regular intervals. The shoe cabinet cannot be completely airtight. An appropriate amount of ventilation is not only conducive to maintaining the hygiene in the shoe cabinet, but also to avoid the impact of bad gas. The shelves designed in some shoe cabinets are inclined downward. When in use, you need to put the shoe head upward to improve step by step. If you put the toe down, it means that family luck may go downhill

14. Sharp corners face the door

sharp things are taboo in Feng Shui. If sharp table corners face the door, they will commit the heart piercing evil, which is detrimental to people’s health and financial luck. If the corner of the table faces the door, it will be bad for the family’s luck; If the corner of the table faces the bedroom, it is bad for the people living in the bedroom. The solution is to change the sharp corner of the table into a circular arc, or cover it with a screen. If you can’t do it, at least put a pot of plants in the corner of the table to alleviate its evil spirit

15. Irregular room

encounter some ” Born irregular ” ; What about your room? How can this situation be resolved? Feng shui master suggested that you can buy some large wardrobe and bookcase, place them, and turn it into a regular space, into a rectangle or square, which can well alleviate its ” Grotesque ” ; Bad luck

feng shui master suggested that when doing home decoration design, we must infer the theme color, decoration style, furniture placement, etc. of home decoration according to the fate of the owner. We should choose a good day on the commencement date of decoration and the date of moving in, and pay attention not to touch some taboos related to it

What Feng Shui problems should be considered when decorating a house

first, grasp the feng shui of the house door

1. The size of the door is very important

the decoration of the gate directly affects the fortune of the owner. There are several situations for the gate: first, the gate has been set up when buying a house. Whether it is a blank house or a house with fine decoration, the gate is well installed. We still need to measure the size of the door. The size is very important. If you need to install the gate yourself, the first thing to consider is the location and size of the gate, and then the texture and color of the gate

2. The position of the door is very important

whether the door itself is suitable for the house or the owner is related. For everyone, its destiny is different, and the opening method of the door is also different. Some people open it very well in the north, while others open it badly in the north

3. Pay attention to the texture of the door

another important choice is the material of the door, the texture of the door and the texture of the door. In the past, there were large and thick wooden doors, and some two doors were also distinguished according to their own conditions, including the color of the door

there are also many doors. What I just said is the door. There are bedroom doors, bathroom and kitchen. These doors are also very particular. As soon as the door is opened, you will see a living room and there is a window over there. In terms of Feng Shui, once the door is opened, you will walk through the window through the air. It is not in line with the hidden wind and Qi in Feng Shui. It’s best to make a porch here, Some of the doors and gates of the kitchen or bathroom are not good at facing this. The kitchen belongs to Sheung Shui and the bathroom belongs to sewer. Water represents wealth. In this way, wealth will be missed

last time I visited the house of the director of a famous portal website, her bathroom was in the middle of the whole house (that is, in the middle), which was very bad. The bathroom is in the water, and the money you earn goes away. We find that many kitchen bathrooms are not only facing the door, but also ridiculous. The bathroom is opposite to the kitchen door, which is equal to wine and meat passing through the intestines, and there will be no more at once

as a common people, buying or renting such a house is certainly bad for good fortune and marriage. So we need some common sense. There should be a correct judgment on the price. If the price is very low, you need to pay attention. Second, even if you buy a house that you think is superior to Sheung Shui, you should carefully adjust it. Beauty is the second, and some look good, but you will unknowingly be bad due to Feng Shui problems somewhere. Therefore, if the whole house is decorated from the perspective of beauty, Feng Shui conditioning is more important

Second, the decoration should grasp the feng shui of the toilet

modern house design, most of which connect the toilet and the bathroom together, so now let’s talk about the two together. Generally speaking, the toilet should not be opened in the southwest or northeast, not in the center of the house. The toilet should be pressed in the fierce side and not in the auspicious side. Remind friends that the toilet causes

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