Feng Shui taboo on stove placement in kitchen

The ancients realized the relationship between the orientation of the stove and Feng Shui very early. In the eight House mirror, it said: ” Those who are at the door of fire, who can hold firewood at the bottom of the pot and burn the fire, have to ask the auspicious side to get fat very quickly. It will be tested in the coming months” ; The law of relieving the evil stove also points out: ” The stove is the source of life. All diseases are derived from diet. The stove should be an auspicious prescription of anger, natural medicine and prolonging life, rather than an evil prescription” ; These all emphasize that the stove should be placed in an auspicious position to contribute to family transportation and benefit the physical and mental health of the family

specifically, the stove should be placed in three directions: vitality, natural medicine and prolonging the year. Vitality refers to the southeast, which is called Shangji, and the main vitality is vigorous; Natural medicine refers to the East, which is called Zhongji, and the Lord is harmonious and healthy; Yannian refers to the south, which is called Shangji. The Lord prolongs life

these three directions are the auspicious way to place the stove. At the same time, it is appropriate to place the stove in the angry position for fame; For health, the stove should be placed in the position of prolonging life; For marriage, the stove should be placed in the position of natural doctor. Homeowners can choose according to different family situations

the stove in the kitchen should not be too close to the water, and a buffer zone should be left between the stove and the dishwashing basin. In particular, it is necessary to avoid two water and one fire. For example, if the stove is sandwiched between the dishwashing basin and the washing machine, two water and one fire will cause great waste and be extremely harmful to the health of the family

Home Feng Shui believes that if the direction of the stove is opposite to that of the apartment, it is unlucky. What is orientation? The orientation of the stove is the direction of the stove switch, and the orientation of the apartment refers to the direction of the door of the apartment, not the direction of the bedroom window. This is the difference between the orientation of Feng Shui and the orientation in general people’s concept. We must find out. If your house door is to the north and the stove is to the south, you have committed the taboo of carrying the house in the opposite direction, which is unfavorable to family luck

Feng Shui Feng summed up ten taboos of kitchen stove Feng Shui: first, the kitchen stove should be opposite to the door, second, the kitchen stove should be opposite to the toilet, and third, the kitchen and toilet should be the same door; Four taboos: platform and high hall. 5. Avoid the fire door in the aisle. Six bogey stove door to sink. Seven do not press down the beam. Eight taboos are windows behind the stove. Nine avoid water drenching the eyes of the stove. Ten taboos: under the bridal chamber toilet

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