What is the orientation of home balcony

Because the balcony can absorb the sunshine and air from the outside, it plays a very important role in the feng shui of the whole house as the gas receiving place of the house

if the balcony faces the west, the heat of the sun will affect the health of the family, while the balcony facing the north will become the entrance of the cold wind in winter, which will not only affect the mood, but also lead to disease

in Feng Shui, the balcony facing east or south is more helpful to improve family luck. There has been ” Purple comes from the East ” ; First, the balcony faces to the East, which can absorb the auspicious atmosphere brought by the sun, and then spread to the whole house, which can not only make the indoor sunshine bright, but also make the family energetic. The balcony facing the south is also very good in Feng Shui. This orientation not only has sufficient illumination, but also often has warm air, which enters the house, which can activate the air flow in the home and improve the overall luck

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