What kind of children’s bed is better

When placing children’s beds in the children’s room, we should not only pay attention to the taboos of some adult beds, but also pay special attention to the orientation of the head of the bed, which is closely related to the growth of children. According to the five elements, if the head of the bed faces to the south, southwest, northwest or northeast, it will have an adverse impact on the child’s growth, which will lead to the child’s impatience, timidity, precocity and carelessness. The East and southeast are wood, and the child’s bedside faces these two directions, which is not only conducive to growth, but also has a very beneficial impact on the child’s growth, development and health

in addition, the correct bed orientation can also promote the harmony between children and other family members. Setting the child’s bed in the same direction as the parents can promote the emotional harmony between parents and children. If children have brothers and sisters, putting their beds in the same direction may solve the contradictions and frictions between them

in addition, in order to make children sleep at ease, the children’s bed cannot be set under the beam, facing the window with strong sunlight, too close to the window or floor to ceiling window, up and down the stove or toilet, facing the door, leaning back against the toilet, or placing the God position

in order to save space in children’s room and create opportunities for children to exercise, many families choose to set bunk beds in children’s room. Generally speaking, children aged four or five can start to use bunk beds. The upper layer of the bunk bed is used as a space for children to rest, and the lower layer of the bunk bed can be used as a space for children to play and study

if there are two children in the family, it is more advantageous to use bunk beds. If the family bed faces the same direction, it can be conducive to family harmony. The bunk bed can make the two children’s bed face the same direction, which is conducive to their unity

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