Feng Shui Collection of home interior decoration

Nowadays, Feng Shui is emphasized everywhere. People pay attention to all kinds of stresses in Feng Shui in life, just because ” One life, two fortunes and three Feng Shui ” , People dare not neglect Feng Shui for their own fortune and life. In the home decoration, there are also many Feng Shui to pay attention to! Let’s have a look at the indoor decoration

bedrooms should not be too large

nowadays, people seem to prefer larger bedrooms. When the indoor space area allows, they will design larger bedrooms as much as possible, but in fact, the area and space of bedrooms are paid attention to in Feng Shui, which believes that the area of bedrooms should not be too large! Because when the space area of the bedroom is too large, it is difficult to gather gas in the bedroom. If the bedroom cannot gather gas, the gas field is not prosperous; Moreover, when the bedroom area is too spacious and too large, the bedroom will form ” Curfew ” ; In this way, it is not conducive to the health of our family, our luck and sleep. Therefore, even for the emperor of the Qing Dynasty, the bedroom will not exceed 20 square meters. Therefore, in the decoration of the home interior, the area of the bedroom must not be too large

kitchen connected to toilet

in the decoration of home, we must be careful about the pattern of kitchen connected to toilet! After all, such a pattern is a taboo in Feng Shui. If it is touched, the impact will be very significant. You should know that the kitchen is the position related to wealth and fortune in the home, and it is also related to the diet and health of the family. However, the toilet is a dirty place and the place to hide and accept dirt; If the two spaces are connected, they will certainly cause bad feng shui aura, and the filth of the toilet will also have a certain impact on the feng shui, aura and hygiene of the kitchen. At that time, the health and fortune of the family and the wealth of the family will be affected. Therefore, no matter what, the decoration pattern connecting the toilet and the kitchen must be avoided

the door is dark

in the decoration of home, there is another position that we can’t underestimate, which is also very important. That is one of the three essentials of Yangzhai ” mdash” mdash; The gate. The geomantic omen of the gate is related to the aura of the whole home. After all, the gate is where the air flow and gas flow of the home are prosperous. This part is related to the geomantic omen of the home, but also to our fortune; Feng Shui believes that in the decoration of the gate, we must pay attention to the problem of light. If the light is bright, the Feng Shui aura of the gate will be vigorous, and if the light is dark, the Feng Shui aura of the gate will decline; And the dark door will also affect the wealth of the home. It can be seen that in any case, the decoration of the door must maintain bright light to ensure the vigorous Feng Shui atmosphere of the home

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