Home floor decoration color Feng Shui taboo

Few people will notice the decoration of the floor, but in fact, in the Feng Shui summary of first aid, the decoration of the floor has to pay attention to Feng Shui! And the decoration of the floor in Feng Shui, there are many taboos in the choice of color. If you accidentally touch these taboos, I’m afraid it will threaten your luck and affect the feng shui of your home. In that case, you might as well learn some about the color of home floor decoration and Feng Shui taboos

do not choose black

black floors are very dirt resistant and wear-resistant. Even if there are some small defects and scratches, they will not be obvious. So many people like to use black floors, which seems to be convenient for our life

in fact, it can not be used in Feng Shui. Black is the color of water belonging to the five elements, and it is also the color with heavy Yin Qi. If you use black floors in your home, I’m afraid it will form a deep and heavy Yin Qi. These Yin Qi will affect the feng shui of your home, endanger our luck and affect our health all the time. It can be seen that black floor is unlucky. From the perspective of Feng Shui, choosing black floor is to touch the taboo in Feng Shui

from the perspective of psychology, black is a very dark and dim color. Black is full of unknowns. If all black floors are used in the home, it will only deepen the psychological burden of the family and cause serious psychological pressure to the family. For a long time, I’m afraid the soul of the family will be unbearable, resulting in some emotional diseases, depression, etc. Therefore, the use of black floor is not conducive to the physical and mental health of the family

from the perspective of life, black will lead to dark light in the house, dull light in the house, and give people a feeling that it is not clear and bright enough. Therefore, black floor is very unlucky

Red cannot be selected

except black, red cannot be used at home. Especially the red floor, must be taboo! Although red is a festive color, it is very heavy and depressed. The use of red floor in a large area will lead to the heavier and heavier burden on the eyes of the family. If it goes on for a long time, it will lead to the irritability and hot mood of the family; It will also lead to family members always like to lose their temper and quarrel, which seriously affects the harmonious atmosphere of a family. Therefore, red is also one of the taboo colors in Feng Shui

generally speaking, floors in warm yellow, milky white, ivory white and other colors can be used at home. In addition, log colored floors are also very suitable for use at home. These colors can make the home atmosphere fresh, the home light bright and the home feng shui vigorous

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