How to dissolve the sharp corner of the living room

Due to architectural design or house orientation, there are inevitably sharp corners and beams and columns in the living room of many houses. Sharp corners often give people a feeling of being stuck in the throat, just like a fish bone deeply stuck in the throat. If such a situation exists at home, it will seriously block the flow of Qi. It not only looks uncomfortable, but also gives people visual and psychological pressure

even from the perspective of house aesthetics, it needs to spend a lot of effort on setting, otherwise it will not only lose the harmony and unity of the living room, but also affect the house transportation, which must be resolved. There are several effective ways to dissolve the sharp corners in the living room:

first, fill in the sharp corners

you can choose a wooden cabinet to fill in the sharp corners, either a high cabinet or a low cabinet. Make the wooden cabinet stand against the sharp corner, or insert the sharp corner into it, or directly hide the sharp corner, so as to achieve the purpose of rounding or filling the sharp corner. The sharp corners are no longer abrupt in the visual effect, so as to effectively and perfectly resolve the sharp corners

II. greening

some simple and necessary greening can be carried out on sharp corners. Before implementing the greening plan, we should first look at the size of the sharp corner. For small sharp corners, we can put a pot of tall and dense evergreen plants in the sharp corner. After such shielding, we can well eliminate the oppression caused by the sharp corner

for larger sharp corners, we can place a fish tank. A living fish tank can attract eyeballs. The first thing people see is the fish tank, so the existence of sharp corners can be ignored. However, we should remind everyone that the fish tank should not be too large, because too large fish tank will store a lot of water, which will be in danger of flooding, especially in the living room with small area. If there is water, it may make the sharp corner position ” Gas ” ; There is a lot of room for maneuver, which is not only in line with the way of Feng Shui, but also beautify the home landscape

III. new wall

a new curved wall can be made according to the trend of sharp corners. For example, the whole sharp corner is completely covered with a wooden wall, and then the newly-built wall is fully decorated with calligraphy and painting. The picture is usually better with mountains and rivers, taking advantage of the potential of mountains ” Suppress ” ; Sharp corners give people a sense of stimulation, and landscape painting can also play a role in beautifying the room

IV. set a pavilion

a solid part in the middle of the sharp corner can be hollowed out and set into a multi-layer Pavilion. It can not only be used as a wine cabinet, but also put a few pots of fresh plants according to your preferences. It can also put some small collections and accessories, and use spotlights for lighting. In this way, it can not only avoid showing people with sharp edges and corners, but also add interest to the home, turn disadvantages into advantages, and become a landscape highlight in the home

in a word, you can spend more time and think more about the sharp corners of the house, and finally achieve the purpose of beautifying the home and resolving the sharp corners

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