Feng shui knowledge of house decoration

People rely on clothes and clothes, and people and houses help each other; Houses should also be decorated, which is a complete house. house decoration Feng Shui provides a series of good suggestions

house decoration Feng Shui

house decoration Feng Shui: how to decorate the living room

first, the living room should be best located in the center of the house and slightly in front of the house

II. General name of living room orientation ” Wealth position ” , It is related to the rise and fall of the family’s wealth, career and reputation. The best position of wealth position is in the diagonal direction of the entrance, but if the space is not a square partition, it can be reinforced in the following ways

1. Complete the partition with an extended long cabinet to avoid columns and recesses

2. If you meet a window, you can nail a plywood wall inside to prevent the leakage of wealth

3. If there is an aisle at the opposite corner of the door, a screen can be placed, which can not only avoid the embarrassment of penetration, but also shape a good financial position

4. A prosperous bonsai lined with wealth can make your fortune better. Bonsai flowers and leaves must be round and large, avoid conifers and cuckoos. In particular, plants such as fortune tree and Wanqing are the best. Flowering bonsai should carefully remember its flowering period

III. light source: the living room must have good daylighting and the lighting should also be daylighting. This is commonly known as ” Light hall and dark room ” ; Meaning. The choice of lamps and lanterns is round, which means perfection

IV. beams and columns: the living room should avoid the obstruction of beams. For such defects, the designer can be entrusted to slightly transform the structure of the building with beautification skills. For example, the planning of arch, the extension of ceiling, or the modeling of ceiling can be used, and the ceiling is set into two blocks

v. color system: the color system of various software and hardware in the space can be based on the owner’s birthday. Those born in spring and summer can match the elegant cold color system (such as white and light blue), while those born in autumn and winter can teach bright hues (such as yellow and red)

VI. moving line: the first moving line in the living room is straight and open. Looking in from the gate, the most taboo is to directly see the stove platform of the kitchen, but this lack can be covered by a screen or high cabinet. In addition, avoid seeing all the room doors and back doors at the entrance, otherwise there will be ” The front door goes in and the back door goes out. You can’t accumulate money ” ; Worry. In addition, the walkway shall avoid penetrating the whole room vertically or horizontally

VII. Furnishings: fish tanks and bonsai are equipped with ” Air connection ” ; The function of makes the room more angry and hopeful. Fish species are mainly considered to be colorful and singular. In addition, the wall clock is also a good arrangement

house decoration Feng Shui: how not to ” Especially ”

  1. The bedroom is connected with the kitchen and the two doors are opposite

the fire in the bedroom next to the kitchen will bring dry and hot air, making the adjacent bedroom more uncomfortable, and it is easy to make people less responsive when the kitchen fire accident occurs. The kitchen is facing the bedroom door, which will bring humid air and cause health problems for residents

  2. There is ” in the center of the house; Through center beam ”

through the center beam refers to the house with beams and columns passing through in the center of the house. In the house with this phenomenon, residents are prone to accidents, such as car accidents or fights with people, which should be carefully avoided and visually unsightly

  3. The toilet is built on the house cross line

the house cross line is to draw a cross line with the center point of the house. The toilet represents the gastrointestinal circulatory system of the human body. If it is placed in the wrong position, it will often make the intestines and stomach of the residents uncomfortable, and even affect the masculinity of the male owner

  4. There is ” in the house; Cutting grid ”

cut lattice refers to the incomplete house itself, such as opening a skylight on the roof and connecting the garage through the side wall of the house at will. When we are doing interior decoration, we must pay attention not to knock on the wall or change the internal pattern arbitrarily. This will not only have a negative impact on Feng Shui, but also cause damage to the house structure and cause danger

  5. The house has ” Biological lattice ”

biological lattice is a prominent structure in the appearance of the house. This protruding appendage is not commensurate with the house, and accumulates like a burden on people. For example, a small house is built behind the original house, connected with each other, or covered on the top floor

the pattern of home feng shui

1 The shape of the bedroom should be square and avoid circle

square and quiet, which meets the quiet requirements. The circle is active and is not suitable for the sleeping atmosphere of the bedroom. Therefore, the bedroom cannot be made into a circle, and even doors and windows, decorations and mirrors should be avoided as far as possible

  2. The shape of the bedroom is too large

the bedroom should not be too large, otherwise it will dissipate good Qi and evil Qi will take advantage of it. From the point of view of modern architecture, the bedroom is too large, resulting in the feeling of being empty and helpless. It is not easy to sleep safely. It is more cold and inconvenient to warm in winter, which affects the quality of sleep

  3. There is not enough light source in the living room

Feng Shui in the living room is to be comfortable and bright. The living room has insufficient daylighting and air circulation, which is prone to respiratory tract infection and other diseases. At the same time, living in a dark house for a long time is more likely to cause psychological or mental diseases

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