The feng shui rules and taboos of store’s cashier desk

The arrangement and position of cashier desk is very important. Per feng shui rules, gather energy (Chi 气 Qi), gather the wealth. Leak the energy (Qi 气 Chi), Loss the wealth. So the cashier desk must be placed at the area which can gather energy(Chi 气 Qi). There are two places for option. One is the white tiger location and another one is gathering energy location.  Below are some of taboos per feng shui rules.

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  1. Cashier desk shall not be too high. It is very common mistake to place one high cashier desk in the store. I ask them why this cashier desk is so high. They told me that high cashier desk is safe and confidential. Someone told me that feng shui master suggested placing the high cashier desk. In that way, the wealth will not leak out. But the too high cashier desk will block the prosperous energy (气qi) and block your wealth. So the cashier desk’s height shall be proper. Too high will block your fortune. (Customer will fell more pressure when see this high desk), too short with unsafety issue and feeling. So the recommended height of the cashier desk is from 1100 to 1200(mm).
  2. Do not place large green plant and fortune cat. Some people like to place some large green plant and fortune cat on the cashier desk. They believe that those things will bring good fortune. but per feng shui rules. It is not suitable to place the high green plant and fortune cat. Those things will block your fortune. If you do not believe that you can have a try to place two high green plants to see what will happen in future.
  3. If the store shape is rectangle or square, meanwhile the width is small. You can place the cashier desk on the bright money location (motion less position). Pls see below pictures. click here to identify the fiscal position and the bright money position)
cashier desk placement feng shui rules
cashier desk placement feng shui rules
  •  Do not place the desk faced to the door. as you know, the door is the entry of feng shui energy. If the cashier desk align with door. The feng shui energy flow Chi will bring away the wealth from your cashier desk.
  • cashier desk placement feng shui tips
    cashier desk placement feng shui tips
  • Do not place the mirror face to desk. The mirror can help you to convert your bad fortune; meanwhile it also can bring more trouble to you. So if the mirror placed properly it can help you. So remember that do not place one mirror face to your cashier desk in your store.
  • You shall place the cashier desk against solid supporter such as wall or cabinet. The behind of the cashier desk shall not be empty. it means strong supporter for your wealth.


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