How to place the Feng Shui refrigerator in home decoration

With the improvement of living conditions, people’s life has become better and better. There are all kinds of electrical appliances at home to meet our daily life and needs! Among them, the refrigerator has become an essential electrical appliance for every household! But in fact, the placement of refrigerator also needs to pay attention to Feng Shui! Let’s take a look at the placement of the refrigerator. Feng Shui is exquisite

the refrigerator door is not properly placed facing the door

the refrigerator in the home is also a small Treasury in the home. The food stored in the refrigerator also means our wealth and granary. Therefore, the refrigerator cannot be placed facing the door of the home. If the refrigerator is placed facing the door, it will only lead to the exposure of wealth and the inability of the refrigerator to gather gas, which will damage our wealth development and lead to our frequent leakage of wealth, Always spend money and so on, and even have poor financial luck and bad luck! Therefore, it is inappropriate to place the refrigerator facing the door. We must avoid it in our life

the refrigerator is placed too close to the stove

generally, many people will place the refrigerator in the kitchen. If this is the case in your home, you need to be careful. The refrigerator should not be placed close to the stove or too close to the stove! Because from the perspective of five elements Feng Shui, the five elements of the refrigerator belong to gold and the five elements of the stove belong to fire. If the stove is too hot, it will be bad for the gas field of the refrigerator. The two five elements are mutually exclusive and should be far away. Therefore, the refrigerator should be placed away from the stove

place refrigerators in the living room

of course, many people will not only place refrigerators in the kitchen, but also choose to place refrigerators in the living room. It is also very common to place refrigerators in this way. According to Feng Shui, the placement of refrigerators needs to pay attention to the five elements. If there are people who lack gold in the five elements or like gold in the five elements at home, there is nothing wrong with placing the refrigerator in the living room. It can even make up for the attribute of the five elements of the family, so as to effectively improve the development of the family’s fortune and so on; After all, putting gold in the refrigerator in the living room is a taboo for the owner, but it should not affect his own fate. If gold is placed in the refrigerator in the living room, it will affect his own fate

electrical appliances should not be placed on the refrigerator

many people like to place some electrical appliances on the refrigerator, such as oven, microwave oven, soybean milk machine, juicer, etc., but in fact, these electrical appliances must not be placed above the refrigerator. Because according to Feng Shui, these electrical appliances will emit strong electromagnetic waves, and once the electromagnetic waves accumulate, they will do great harm to the human body, which is not conducive to the health of the family

sundries should not be placed in the refrigerator

many people like to place sundries on the refrigerator. In fact, the refrigerator, as a small Treasury, is related to the wealth of the family. If sundries are placed around the refrigerator, it will have an impact on the wealth

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