What is the best color for Feng Shui stove

Nowadays, people will certainly consider the layout of Feng Shui when decorating, but generally speaking, for some special places, we can also consider the layout of Feng Shui. However, this is not certain, that is, Feng Shui is like a gas field. Such integral things also need to be well decorated and decorated, which has a lot of impact

Feng Shui stove color taboo

although yellow can play a good role for us in general, we must not choose red, because the stove itself has a flame and belongs to a place with strong fire. If we still insist on choosing red, the overall fire in the kitchen will be too strong. In this case, It will destroy our original very balanced aura, and make people no longer peaceful. It will be easy to be irritable and lose their temper. At the same time, a large amount of fire will also affect our health, making it easy for us to produce virtual fire in our body

besides, black is not a good choice. Because the color of black can not bring sunshine, but a melancholy color with its own sense of massiness. If we use this color in the kitchen, it will easily make us feel a very boring feeling. And black also reduces our appetite

what color does Feng Shui stove want

1. The real meaning of white

white kitchen is that we should learn to release all bad emotions and find our own peace and health

2. Blue

is full of dreamy colors and always maintains a clear and romantic feeling. In such a space, the cabinet looks pure, lovely and daydreaming. Under the natural background, blue is more fresh and elegant, full of decorative flavor. It is especially suitable for white-collar workers who are nervous about work and let the noisy mind dock in a quiet harbor. Matching blue with other colors will also have unexpected effects

the blue and yellow cabinets are particularly fresh and eye-catching in sufficient light. The combination of the two shows maturity and elegance, complement each other, and remain flexible in harmony. Decorate the blue cabinet with orange to add a kind of lightness and activity to the deep. The bold use of gray and blue as the main tone will make people refreshing and refreshing. In addition, light blue is simple and clear; Dark blue avant-garde modern

3. Green

relaxed, comfortable and pleasing color. Green is a theme that can never be used up and will never make people bored, because every change in it corresponds to the impression of nature on mankind, so green is suitable for all those who like it. The transition from light green to grey green and then dark purple completes the transition from outdoor to indoor, which corresponds to the natural response of human vision to space. The light green floor like the field, the yellow cabinet like autumn leaves and the dark green countertop like pine needles constitute a natural scenery, which makes people feel suddenly bright. The combination of light green and light blue makes the kitchen full of vitality. Living in a light green space, dreams are fresh. The bright and scattered green makes people seem to come to green mountains and valleys

consider the color selection of Feng Shui stove

first of all, we must seriously think about what we do in the kitchen area. The kitchen is a place where we can cook actively and live a healthy life at home, so we can choose light colors as much as possible. Because the light color system will make us feel cleaner, and because the kitchen often places a lot of things, but the light color system can make the kitchen look cleaner and will not be messy. Moreover, the light color is still a color conducive to our appetite. Most importantly, the light color system can help us clearly see which places are not clean and facilitate our cleaning

of course, the overall color selection should refer to the different situations of everyone. Some people’s life is relatively prosperous and enthusiastic. In this way, we can choose some warm colors, such as warm yellow, which can make our mood happier. Moreover, yellow can also help us ease the anger of the whole kitchen. Yellow is also conducive to improving financial luck

as long as we choose the right color, it will certainly be helpful to our Feng Shui. Of course, choosing the wrong color will have an impact on Feng Shui. The colors suitable for different areas of the home are also different. What problems do we need to avoid? How should we choose the right Feng Shui to be the best for us

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