What is the ghost door behind the bathroom

Feng Shui believes that the toilet should not be placed in the north of the house, let alone in the northeast, so as not to form ” Back ghost gate ” ;. This is because in the five elements, the North belongs to water. If the toilet is located in the north of the house, two ” Water ” ; Encounter will increase water energy and consume the energy of residents. If the toilet is located in the northeast, the water energy of the toilet will destroy the original soil energy in this direction, which will induce health problems

to solve the problem caused by the toilet located in the north, some tall plants can be placed in the toilet. On the one hand, it can drain water energy, on the other hand, it can also absorb moisture and increase gas energy

for the problems caused by the toilet in the northeast, the best solution is to introduce gold energy to coordinate soil energy and water energy. The specific method is: put a white pottery bowl containing salt in the northeast of the toilet, or put an iron sculpture. In addition, put a round iron basin in the bathroom and insert a safflower in it, which can also have the effect of dissolution

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