General knowledge of Feng Shui in toilet decoration

The bathroom is the most filthy place in the home, and it is also the place that is most likely to affect the fortune of the home and the health of the family. Therefore, the decoration of the bathroom must meet the requirements of Feng Shui; So in Feng Shui, what is the common sense about decorating feng shui bathroom? The following is the relevant articles compiled by Fstips. Let’s have a look

general knowledge about decorating toilet with Feng Shui

ten general knowledge about decorating toilet with Feng Shui

1 The door of the bathroom should not be against the door

the door of the bathroom should not be against any door of the house, especially against the entrance door of the house. The entrance door is the air port and the place where the anger is inhaled. The anger should flow gently in the house. In Feng Shui, doors should not be opposed to each other, so the doors should be arranged in a staggered manner. In terms of environmental protection and psychology, it is also indecent to see the door of the bathroom as soon as people enter the house, and there are sounds and peculiar smells. It is neither elegant nor polite, and it has an impact on the health of the family, which is unfavorable to the mental outlook of the family

  2. The door of the bathroom should not be opposite to the stove position

the door of the bathroom should not be opposite to the stove position. The five elements in the bathroom belong to water, which is the place to excrete foul gas, while the five elements in the kitchen stove belong to fire, which is the place to cook things. The nature is completely different. Water and fire are incompatible, which is unfavorable to family luck

  3. Bathroom facilities should avoid irregular shapes

the choice of bathroom facilities is very particular. The shape of the bathtub is rectangular or circular, and regular pentagon and hexagon can also be used, but triangle or irregular shape should not be used, which is unfavorable to users. The bathtub should not be too large, mainly practical, which should be carefully considered before buying

  4. The bathroom should not be located in the center of the house

the center of the house should be transparent and spacious, and should not be used as a space for accumulating dirt such as toilet and kitchen. When the bathroom is in the center of the house, the moisture and filth in the bathroom will spread to other rooms in the house, which is easy to cause family members to get sick, which is extremely harmful to health. If the bathroom has been set in the center of the house, it is best to redecorate and adjust

  5. The direction of the toilet should not be consistent with the direction of the house

according to the requirements of Chinese traditional residential Feng Shui customs, the direction of the toilet should not be consistent with the direction of the house. For example, the direction of the door of the house faces south. When people sit on the toilet, if they look south, they commit the taboo that the toilet is in the same direction as the house, which may lead to health problems for family members. The solution is to adjust the direction of the toilet to deviate from or opposite to the direction of the house

  6. Avoid no windows in the bathroom

water is the main element of the bathroom. Rooms with more water are relatively humid, which will lead to heavy gas retention, which will make it tend to stagnate. If there are no windows, the consequences can be imagined. Assuming that there is enough space, the bathroom must be larger than smaller, so as to avoid harmful air condensation and stagnation in the room. The bathroom of some houses is completely closed without windows. As long as the exhaust fan is not often opened, it will be harmful to health in the long run. The bathroom space with windows can place green plants or hang pictures, which can ease the atmosphere and gather vitality on Feng Shui

  7. The lighting in the bathroom should not be too much

the lighting in the bathroom. Generally, incandescent lamps should be selected for the overall lighting, with soft brightness. However, an independent lighting lamp must be set next to the cosmetic mirror as a supplement to the local lighting. The fluorescent lamp can be selected for the local lighting in front of the mirror to increase the feeling of warmth, spaciousness and freshness. In the selection of lamps in the bathroom, glass or plastic sealed lamps with reliable waterproof and safety shall be the main. In the shape of lighting, it is not suitable to decorate with complex lamp types, let alone too low, so as to avoid accidents

  8. The joints of lamps and lanterns in the bathroom should not be exposed

the bathroom is relatively humid, so be extra careful when installing electric lights and wires. Lamps and switches should preferably be equipped with safety protection functions, and connectors and sockets should not be exposed. If the switch is a seesaw type, it should be set outside the bathroom, otherwise a moisture-proof and waterproof panel should be used to prevent accidents caused by moisture and electric leakage

  9. The bathroom should not choose dazzling colors

the colorful bathroom highlights personality and style. However, since the bathroom is a place of water in five elements, it is best to choose gold white, metal color and water black, blue and gray, which are elegant and can produce a sense of peace and. Avoid using dazzling colors such as bright red and dark purple in the bathroom, which makes the toilet users depressed and irritable

  10. Avoid clutter in the bathroom

clutter is the great taboo of Feng Shui in the bathroom, which will hinder the air and make it difficult to travel. Only the minimum necessities should be placed, and too many sundries should not be placed in the bathroom space. Cleaning tools should not be exposed outside and should be specially stored. The most ideal bathrooms are those with simple furnishings, simple design and good ventilation. The flow of air and energy will be affected by the materials used, and different floor tiles and floor materials will produce different effects. For example, the smooth surface of marble, granite and other hard ground will accelerate the flow of gas energy, especially when it is crystal bright and visible. They help to create an exciting and positive atmosphere

what is the common sense of Feng Shui about decorating the toilet

1 The bed at home cannot face the door of the bathroom, which will lead to residents often not going home

  2. The door of the bathroom can’t face the door of the home, because the foul air of the bathroom will convection with the air flow of the door, which will lead to the phenomenon of money leakage

  3. The bed at home can’t face the bathroom, which will affect the marital relationship between husband and wife and each other’s health

  4. The bathroom can’t be too close to the door. It will be easy to lose money, and the family will have a lot of disputes. Often closing the door of the bathroom is also a solution

  5. The wall of the toilet is not suitable to be close to the head of the bed, otherwise the members of the family are easy to talk about right and wrong and provoke villains

  6. The bathroom is suitable to choose bright colors, not gray, black, blue and other gloomy colors

  7. The bathroom is not suitable to be built in the kitchen, which will lead to family members prone to gastroenteropathy and even chronic illness

  8. The bathroom should be kept clean and tidy, so it is not easy to accumulate Yin Qi

  9. The bathroom is not suitable to be built in the middle of the house, that is, in the middle of the house, which will lead to more illness and money loss of the family

  10. The bathroom cannot face the dining room, which will lead to disharmony among the family

What are the common sense of decorating Feng Shui toilet

1. The toilet should not flush the door

many people say they want to lose money as soon as they see the toilet flush the door. But some people not only don’t spend money, but also have peach blossoms. Besides, breaking money is just a kind of appearance, and the means of causing it are different. For example, the toilet flushing study is called foul gas and dirty Wenchang. Its principle can be understood as a dirty gas field, which affects people’s judgment, makes wrong choices, knows wrong friends and does wrong things, so it must be a loss of money

2. The toilet faces the bedroom door

the toilet faces the bedroom door, which is harmful to health, especially women at home are prone to gynecological problems

3. The toilet should not be too wet and should be kept clean

the toilet must always be dry and clean, otherwise it is very easy to accumulate Yin. Toilet layout is not important, but cleaning needs to be paid attention to. No, especially the toilet. The whole house likes to be clean and refreshing. The door is crowded with a pile of shoes. It’s not Feng Shui. No matter where the toilet is in the Yangzhai, it is forbidden to be dark and humid. It is necessary to clean the toilet regularly, deal with hair and remove peculiar smell. It’s best to have windows. If there are no windows, it’s necessary to vent. If there are neither windows nor vents, light incense or aromatherapy to purify the air field

4. Do not straighten the bed and align it horizontally with the toilet

straightening the bed and aligning it with the toilet will cause one party to have centrifugation and often do not return home. The bed is horizontally aligned, and the toilet is most likely to affect the marital relationship. More quarrels between husband and wife will also affect the health of husband and wife. There will be problems or pain in the body parts directly rushed by the toilet

5. The kitchen and toilet are not the same door

in order to save space, some families make the kitchen and toilet share one door in and out, which makes the household water and fire unrestrained, which is very unlucky. What’s more, if you go to the toilet first and then go to the kitchen, your appetite will be absolutely gone


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