What is a porch

The porch originally refers to the humanitarian door of Buddhism, but now it generally refers to the outer door of the hall, that is, an area of the living population. Some people also call the porch as the entrance hall or hall

in modern life, many families will focus on the location of the porch in their own design, because the porch is not only a necessary place to enter and exit the house, but also a place for the God of wealth to enter and exit. The porch only refers to a transitional space between the indoor and outdoor of the residence. It is mostly used to change shoes and strip when people enter and leave the room. It is also called the hall or lobby

the porch must be kept clean and tidy, not disorderly. In the decoration of the room, most people often pay attention to the decoration and layout of the living room, but ignore the decoration of the porch. In fact, in the overall design, the porch is the place that gives people the first impression and can best reflect the master’s temperament ” Face ” ; Where

the porch has a certain visual barrier to the outdoor line of sight, so as not to open the door to the hall, so that people can have a panoramic view of the living room as soon as they enter the door. It pays attention to the privacy and concealment of people’s indoor behavior, ensuring the security and sense of distance in the hall. When guests visit and their families go in and out, it can well solve the problems of interference and psychological safety, and make people go out more orderly

in terms of use function, the porch can be used as a place for simply receiving guests, receiving emails, changing clothes, shoes and bags, as well as a platform for small items such as bags and keys

in addition, the porch can form a temperature difference protection area in the north to avoid the cold wind in winter from entering the room directly through the gap when opening the door and at ordinary times. The porch can also play a very good role in beautifying and decorating indoors. The porch is also called the hall or hallway. It is where the God of wealth goes in and out. It can’t be disorderly

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