What kind of influence does the fan have on Feng Shui in the bedroom

Fans are also important household appliances in modern homes. Fans placed in bedrooms may not only help transport and change transport, but also affect people’s health

the five elements of the fan belong to gold. If the bedroom members are short of gold, the use of Feng Shui can play a certain role in lifting and transporting. The colors of fans are very complete. Family members can choose the appropriate colors according to their five elements, such as pink fans for lack of fire, blue or black fans for lack of water, etc. Fans do not pollute the indoor environment like air conditioners. It is safe to use fans to cool down, and it is also very beneficial in Feng Shui

but like the air conditioner, the fan cannot blow against the bed, otherwise it will affect health. Therefore, the fan in the bedroom should not be placed on the roof facing the bed, nor in front of the bed. When using, it’s best not to orient, so that the wind can be obtained everywhere in the bedroom, which not only makes the air field uniform, but also drives the journey

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