How to place Wenchang pen

Wenchang pen should be placed in the residential Chinese Chang position, or ordered Chinese Chang position, or fleeting Wenchang position. Wenchang pen generally uses four, hanging in the four green positions, and the effect of helping prosperity is very significant

you can also go to the bookstore or the four treasures of study store to buy five brand-new wolf hairy pens. You can go to the traditional Chinese medicine store to buy a dollar of cinnabar, melt the cinnabar with wine, point the cinnabar ink on one-third of the tip of the brush and cover the pen. On Wenchang day or auspicious day, from 5 a.m. to 12 noon, divide the pen into the first one, the last four, one on the left hand and four on the right hand, and hang it in the study or in front of the examinee’s desk, Prepare the eight diagrams and eight immortals stove before hanging, light the fragrance of Tao and purify the study space. If you want to get the auspicious God and auspicious day, you need to ask the teacher who knows how to choose the day to help you choose Wenchang day and Kuixing day to offer Fang Jia

Wenchang pen can be used for learning and can be installed on the body at any time to help prosper Wenchang

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