The toilet is in the middle of the house, okay

avoid building in the center of the residence

many public housing designs build toilets in the center of the residence. In fact, this arrangement is inappropriate. Just think about it. The toilet is a place that emits foul gas. If it is set in the center of the house, the foul gas will spread around the house, which will certainly have an adverse impact on the health of the family. Therefore, it should be noted that the toilet is only suitable to be set in the corner of the house

avoid colliding with the gate

the gate is the main air outlet of the house to attract good luck and wealth; On the contrary, the toilet often has foul air. If the door collides with the bathroom and toilet door and faces the toilet, the wealth of the family will decline day by day


if you can’t change the direction of the toilet door, you can only close the door often and hang small potted plants on both sides of the door to melt the evil spirit. However, this practice can only be slightly remedied, and it’s better to change the direction of the door as soon as possible

the most ideal toilet should have a window of moderate size. For example, the window facing east or west is better, so that the sun can shine in to kill bacteria and disperse moisture. In addition, keep the air fresh, otherwise the spread of foul gas will form ” Weisha ” , Affect the health of family members

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