Can the bathroom be changed to a bedroom

houses in the center of the city are worth an inch of land and money. Often some families put ” Two rooms and two bathrooms ” ; Change the pattern of to ” Three rooms and one bathroom ” ; I changed the bathroom into a bedroom

although the innovation of sanitary equipment and equipment has brought a fresh and clean new look to the sanitary space, the root of the bathroom is ” Out of filth ” ; Although the room you live in has been changed into a bedroom, it has not been changed upstairs or downstairs! The bathroom is a place where drainage and water supply are concentrated. After four or five years of stay, you will be affected first when you encounter problems such as sewage leakage in the upstairs bathroom and pipeline maintenance. Your bedroom is sandwiched between the upper and lower toilets. And every day I sleep in bed and listen to the sound of water in the drainage pipe upstairs. I think the people living in it will not be in a good mood

bathrooms cannot be changed into sleeping rooms, offices and other spaces where people often stay, but if they are changed into storage rooms, they should be usable

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