How to arrange the entrance better

If you want a good residential Feng Shui, you must ensure several relatively important places in the residence, such as the gate, porch, living room, etc. these places are the key to residential Feng Shui. The gate has the effect of receiving gas, while the porch is responsible for transporting the gas field to each room, and the living room has the effect of gathering gas

here, we would like to focus on the Feng Shui layout of the porch, because the porch is like a person’s throat. If the Feng Shui here is not good, it will pose a threat to the feng shui of the whole house

how to arrange the porch to ensure residential Feng Shui? Feng Shui layout of the entrance

how to better layout Feng Shui in the entrance

first of all, you can choose a pot of plants with good feng shui effect to place in the porch, such as fortune tree, fortune tree, Fugui bamboo and kumquat. These are very good choices, which can play the Feng Shui Effect of fortune, which is of great help to the family’s financial games. On the one hand, it can strengthen the gas absorption effect of the gate, on the other hand, it can improve the wealth of the family

secondly, placing fish tanks in the porch is also a good choice, because there is a saying in Feng Shui that water is the master of wealth, and if the feng shui of fish is also better, it can further enhance the wealth and happiness of the house. At the same time, if the selected fish has a certain chemical evil effect, it can avoid the house being invaded by the evil spirit, and the effect will be better

finally, be careful not to violate some Feng Shui taboos at the entrance, such as placing mirrors in the entrance, or designing the entrance into the shape of an arch, which will damage the feng shui of the entrance, so you must try to avoid it

of course, there are still many things we should pay attention to in the layout of Feng Shui in the porch, which will not be introduced one by one here. In short, we must focus on the Feng Shui aura of the whole family and try to avoid the destruction of residential Feng Shui

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