Where is the mirror in the living room? Feng Shui in the living room

Mirror is one of the indispensable decorations in the home, but compared with other furniture, mirror belongs to Feng Shui decoration, which has strong Feng Shui attribute and can affect Feng Shui and Qi in the home. Therefore, when placing mirrors, we must follow the correct introduction skills of Feng Shui to ensure that the stability of indoor feng shui will not be changed after placement. So what should we pay attention to if the mirror is placed in the living room

1, can not be placed behind the door

generally speaking, the mirror is not suitable to be placed in the living room, because the biggest Feng Shui function of the mirror is to reflect the air movement. Once placed in the living room, it may be opposite to the doors of other rooms, thus forming a hedging pattern. Therefore, when placing mirrors in the living room, they must be far away from the door and must not be in a straight line with the door. Once it is opposite to the door of the house, it will reflect from the door into the indoor air transportation, resulting in Feng Shui disorder in the living room

2, you can’t put it on the wealth position at home

the wealth position at home needs to have stable Feng Shui, so that you can prosper your fortune and increase your personal income. Such an orientation can never exist feng shui ornaments that will affect the stability of fortune, and the mirror is one of them. The living room is the room with the most wealth, so when placing mirrors in the living room, we must avoid putting them on the wealth. After all, mirrors are different from feng shui ornaments like “one Feng Shui and eight directions fortune”, which can not improve personal fortune

3. It can’t be placed opposite to the sofa

that is, it can’t put the mirror opposite the sofa. Because once the mirror is opposite the sofa in the living room, people sitting on the sofa will be exposed to the mirror and rushed by the Qi reflected by the mirror, resulting in the decline of health, wealth and popularity

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