What are the geomantic features of bedroom lamps

Day and night can not be foolishly divided. As the saying goes: bright hall and dark room, the lighting effect is extremely important in home feng shui, especially in the bedroom. How to design the feng shui of bedroom lamps is also very important. Appropriate brightness light can make people sleep well for a whole year and bring good luck, happiness and warmth to the home

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Feng Shui of bedroom lamps

Feng Shui related to bedroom lamps

I. color of bedroom lamps

1. It is better to use warm color with an appropriate amount of white light source. Home feng shui generally pays attention to the use of light color, that is, the change and application of color between cold and warm. Color matching the five elements at home focus on the matching of cold and warm, and the home is dominated by Yang, so the lighting color should also be dominated by warm light. Among the seven colors of red, orange, yellow, green, green, blue and purple, red, orange and yellow light sources are warm light sources, while green, green, blue and purple are cold light sources. Cold light sources give people a mysterious and dreamy feeling. It is mainly Yang Qi, with an appropriate amount of white light source around, which is most suitable for people’s living and life

2. Red lights should not be used in the bedroom, but in the bedroom, red lights and neon lights with large flicker should not be selected for decoration, which is easy to cause restlessness. Some newlyweds, in order to increase romance, press a red light bulb on the head of the bed or on the dresser, which is a big taboo, which is easy to lead to one or both cheating; There is a red light in the filial piety bedroom. Children are prone to irritability and premature love. We must pay attention to this

3. Bedroom lamps and lanterns Feng Shui – the yellow lamp is the master of wealth. The Yellow five elements belong to the earth. From the perspective of the five elements, the earth produces gold, which also determines the wealth meaning of the yellow lamp. So many people like to install a yellow light at home in order to make money

II. The style of lighting should be coordinated with home design

in the style selection of lighting, it should conform to the overall home design style. Of course, a good choice of lighting can also help transportation. For example, classical lighting, with classical charm, simplicity and connotation, plays the role of a town house and can help the owner’s career; The design of fashionable lighting is novel and has a strong sense of modernity, which is conducive to people’s progress and wealth. The lighting made of crystal is elegant and luxurious, and the stars shine brightly. It can play the role of flourishing wealth and increasing the aura of the home

III. number of lamps in the bedroom

the odd number of lamps in the home is better, but when the spotlight is illuminated in a flat row, it should be noted that three lamps should not be used in parallel, so as not to form a bad meaning similar to three incense

IV. installation orientation of bedroom lamps

the placement and installation of lamps cannot be arbitrary, because improper placement may bring great inconvenience and pressure to people’s life and sleep. Generally, lamps with strong light should not be placed at the head of the bed, and hanging lamps should not be installed directly above the bed, so as not to cause people’s mental pressure

precautions for geomantic omen of bedroom lamps

precautions for geomantic omen of bedroom lamps: bedroom lamps cannot be hung directly above the bed with chandeliers, which is said to press the top

note 2 of Feng Shui of bedroom lamps: if downlight or spotlight is used as the auxiliary light source of the bedroom, remember not to place three lamps side by side when placing the lamps in the bedroom, because there is the saying of three sticks of incense in household Feng Shui, and generally avoid the number of three

three points for attention in Feng Shui of bedroom lamps and lanterns: in terms of style selection of bedroom lamps and lanterns, classical styles are useful for town houses; Crystal lamp has the function of urging wealth, but it is best not to choose lamps with prominent edges and corners

four points for attention in Feng Shui of bedroom lamps: when choosing the light source of bedroom lamps, do not use red light source. Red is easy to make people feel impetuous. In home feng shui, it is said that red light source is easy to derail husband and wife. If used in children’s room, it is easy to make children have precocious and early love

five points for attention of Feng Shui in bedroom lamps: if you need to recruit money, you can use yellow lamps. Yellow is the main soil, and earth produces gold. Therefore, yellow has the meaning of attracting money and is suitable for selection

bedroom lamps and lanterns Feng Shui taboo

1. The shape is strange and harmful

the lighting shape should be round and square. The lighting with strange shape will have a bad meaning in Feng Shui and produce adverse film stars for the owner

2. The chandelier directly above the bed and sofa is easy to form a light brake

the chandelier is installed directly above the bed and sofa. Over time, it is easy to cause diseases such as cerebral neurasthenia, and it is also easy to cause diseases in female gynecology

3. Dark hall and bright room, inside and outside upside down

the living room should be bright and the bedroom should be a little darker, which is the truth we all know; But some people ignore this when designing. Cause ” Dark hall and bright room, inside and outside upside down ” ; The situation. Too dim living room lighting will affect the owner’s career development; Bright bedroom lights will make people feel dazzling, which is not conducive to family rest and relaxation. Recommended reading: bedroom lamp Feng Shui taboo

the bedroom is different from other rooms such as the living room. The bedroom is a place for people to rest and rest and replenish energy. The light color must be soft and will not make people feel dazzling. Avoid colorful, too bright or too dark lighting. These small details must not be missed in order to bring good bedroom lamp Feng Shui

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