Feng Shui for home decoration of top students

The feeling of hating iron but not steel and hoping for a son to become a dragon and phoenix is understood by poor parents all over the world. It is the persistent wish of urban parents to let their children get good grades and become the number one in new subjects. Today, let’s share some worries for your worried parents’ children and sort out home decoration Feng Shui of top students to improve their children’s academic level

home decoration Feng Shui of top students

precautions for home decoration Feng Shui of top students

(I) the desk should face the door and the outside is the bright hall. In this way, the master has a clear mind, but must not be rushed by the door

(II) the seat should have a back. Sitting behind the wall, it was called Leshan in ancient times. This kind of arrangement is favored by noble people: children who go to school are favored by teachers; Working people are appreciated and supported by their superiors

(III) it’s not suitable to be attacked by the door. The master’s mind is not concentrated and his spirit is poor, which leads to poor test scores, while adults are prone to mistakes in work, etc

(IV) back door is not suitable. This lack of patronage: those who go to school can not get the favor of teachers; Working people are more difficult to be appreciated and supported by their superiors

(V) it should not be placed in the middle palace

this is a lonely and helpless square. Neither school nor career will be very good

(VI) taboos in the study:

1. The bookcase should not be too high-pressure bed – the main body is weak

2. The bookcase shall not oppress the desk – the master is restless, tired and dizzy

3. The desk should not be pressed under the beam – the main mind is scattered

4. The light in the study should not be too strong – the master is easy to get tired

5. There should not be too many electrical appliances in the study – the main headache and lack of concentration

6. Don’t paste idols on the wall of the study – the main is insane, nightmare and suspicious

Feng Shui misunderstanding of children’s study often committed by parents

misunderstanding 1. The study is a place for study and work, and complete silence is the first element

Yes, silence is indeed the first element of the study, but the study isolated from all sounds will make people feel uncomfortable, so when decorating the study, we should choose those decorative materials with good sound insulation and absorption effect. But don’t build your study into a recording studio. Experiments have proved that a certain background sound can make people better concentrate and improve learning efficiency

suggestion: the ceiling can be made of sound-absorbing gypsum board, the wall can be decorated with PVC sound-absorbing board or soft bag decorative cloth, the floor can be made of carpet with good sound-absorbing effect, and the curtain should be made of thick material to block the noise outside the window

misunderstanding two, for the sake of cheap use of the bubble end sound insulation board

because of the shortage of funds, the use of foam directly as a sound insulation board, such a practice is not only environmentally friendly, but also flammable. Cause certain potential safety hazards. It’s best to choose carpet on the ground, so that even if you pace up and down when thinking about the topic, you won’t make annoying noise

study lighting

it is understood that there are many health misunderstandings in the lighting setting of the study, right ” Light health ” ; A little knowledge of lighting often makes many people suffer from light pollution for a long time. And does your study have the following problems

myth 1: the desk should be located directly under the sun

Yes, it should be sunny, but the more abundant the sun is, the better. The direct sunlight is not only dazzling, but also inappropriate to concentrate. Therefore, the study should be located in the North of the house from the beginning. The choice of back sun not only prevents the direct sunlight of the hot sun, but also looks cool in the study. Of course, if it is another case, the sunshine in the room is not enough, it is not enough. A gray room will reduce the hobby of learning and easily distract

suggestion: the desk orientation should be selected, and it is best to blend with nature. In relation to the position of the window, first, the angle of light should be considered, and second, the glare of the computer screen should be avoided

Myth 2: choose a warm color for the table lamp

many people think that a warm color light source will make people feel at ease. In fact, the warm tone light source is not conducive to reading and writing because of its low color temperature. We will find that many primary and secondary school classrooms mostly use fluorescent lamps with high color temperature. The study found that the efficiency of visual homework is higher when the illumination level is greater than 500lx, which is conducive to reading and writing, and also to delaying the visual fatigue of primary and secondary school students

suggestion: the study lamp with high color temperature light source (cold color light source) should be selected in the study

misunderstanding 3. The brightness of the desk lamp should be higher than lower

in fact, the light source in the study had better use soft white light, which is conducive to relieving eye fatigue. Mainly grasp the principles of brightness, average, nature and softness, without any color, so it is not easy to get tired. Some people think that the green halo is conducive to creating a quiet smell in the study. It depends on how to install it, but remember that home is not a place of entertainment, and simple light source is suitable for lighting

suggestion: it’s best to choose a lamp that can adjust the angle and light and shade. When reading, you can increase the degree of tranquility

misunderstanding 4. It is beneficial to store books when the bookcase is hidden on the back, and it is beneficial to read when the desk is placed on the rising sun

in fact, this idea is just the opposite of scientific practice. If you have a lot of books in your study, you have to consider the troubles caused by the rainy season in summer. The best way is to put the book kitchen on the rising sun and the desk on the back, so that book collection and reading will not be affected

myth 5. Centralized lighting on the table without background light

the table is the main place for learning and work. It is understandable to focus the lighting on the table, but people often ignore the setting of ambient light nearby. The study found that for the learning environment with desk lamp for key lighting, the environmental lighting should be fully considered and should not be too dark. The lighting design with only desk lamp and no background light can easily lead to visual fatigue and ultimately affect their visual health. In particular, for visual lessons involving the round-trip movement of the eye, such as copying and using the computer, you need to move between the screen and the keyboard. The surrounding environment must not be too dark or without background light. Otherwise, the frequent adjustment of eyes to adapt to the changes of light and shade will lead to the restlessness of eyes and the decline of work efficiency, which will aggravate visual fatigue after a long time

suggestion: there should be local lighting in key parts. If it is a bookcase with a door, you can hide a lamp in the laminate for embedded lighting, so as to facilitate the search for books. If it is an open bookshelf, a spotlight can be installed above the ceiling for local lighting

misunderstanding 56. Home feng shui misunderstanding: the desk is placed in the middle of the study

because Feng Shui is called four-way isolation, four-way isolation is not popular, which easily leads to mental fatigue, not easy to concentrate, and finally leads to poor academic performance. Moreover, the chair should have a back and lean against the solid wall, which is said to be a backer in Feng Shui. It’s best not to back against the wall of the bathroom and the wall of the kitchen. Never lean against doors or windows. Because the doors and windows are empty, the main empty, helpless, will make scholars feel uneasy and not focused. Also avoid the door of the study. It is easy to make people mentally lax and mentally tired. If you can’t study hard, you should also avoid the top of the beam. There is generally no beam in modern rooms, but you should pay attention to that the desk should not be placed under the chandelier or ceiling lamp, which will make it difficult to carry out your studies and hinder your luck

there is a way to the mountain of books. Diligence is the path, and learning is boundless. It’s hard to make a boat, but if it’s a little broken, the child’s brain will open, which will be very different. Do parents have some enlightenment from the home decoration Feng Shui of top students

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