What flowers and plants are suitable in the kitchen

When greening the kitchen, we should choose some plants with tenacious vitality for decoration, because the kitchen often has oil fume and steam, which is unfavorable to the growth of plants. Some delicate and fragile plants are difficult to survive in the kitchen. Cactus flowers, such as cactus, immortal sword and aloe vera, can be selected for slow-growing and drought resistant green plants, or some endurance perennial leaf flowers can be selected for planting in the kitchen. Since soot and steam are not conducive to plant growth, they can often give plants ” Take a bath;. If the kitchen window is large, you can plant hanging flowers in front of the window

if the kitchen is located in the south, placing foliage plants can alleviate the sunlight, reduce the tendency of disorderly light, and help save money. The kitchen is best located in the East. If it is in other directions, red flowers can be placed on the table and near the refrigerator, which is conducive to maintaining health. In the western kitchen, golden flowers are placed by the window. Narcissus and three color violets can not only block the evil spirit of the sunset, but also bring wealth. When it is located in the north, pink and orange flowers can add vitality to the room

the temperature and humidity in the kitchen change greatly. When raising flowers in the kitchen, you should choose some small potted flowers with strong adaptability, such as pansy

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