What should be avoided in table Feng Shui

As a place to eat, the dining table is closely related to everyone’s life. Understanding the Feng Shui stress on the dining table and then improving inappropriate practices are not only conducive to physical and mental health, but also good luck

first, the dining table should be set in a quiet position, so as to create a more comfortable dining environment, make people feel happy, promote digestion and absorption of intestines and stomach, and be beneficial to health

Second, the dining table cannot face the door directly, because it is easy to collide with the gas field entering the room through the door. If this situation exists at home, it can be solved through the porch barrier

Third, the dining table cannot be directly asked about hygiene. In this way, the filth of the bathroom will affect the health of the family. If you can’t move the dining table, you can put some green plants between the dining table and the bathroom to dissolve the evil spirit

the material of the dining table is also exquisite. Now many families often choose marble or glass dining table to R match the overall style of furniture. Although it looks fashionable and beautiful, due to the strong heat absorption of marble or glass, the energy obtained through eating may be absorbed by the dining table soon. Therefore, when choosing the dining table, try to choose wooden materials, because wood is not only comfortable and mild, It also brings natural vitality and is beneficial to health

the shape of the dining table cannot be chosen arbitrarily. In order to pursue fashion, highlight personality and taste, some people like to buy some tables or chairs with unique shapes. In fact, these tables and chairs do not necessarily conform to home feng shui. For example, some tables with sharp corners, although they look beautiful, have strong lethality, which will lead to family disharmony and should not be used, while diamond tables will dissipate money. So it’s best to choose the traditional round or square dining table, which is the most auspicious

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