What is the Feng Shui taboo of raising cats

Pet cats are animals with certain Feng Shui effect, but they also pay attention to Feng Shui when raising them. One of the most important points is to keep the cat and cat nest clean, otherwise it may have a bad impact on the house

the cat is a kind of animal that is easy to grow lice and breed germs, and especially likes to be close to its owner. Therefore, it is better to bathe the cat often and clean the cat’s nest every day, otherwise the turbid gas on the cat is easy to pass on to people and bring bad luck to people. In particular, it is necessary to prevent lice from growing on cats. Lice will absorb income and animal blood. They are also money destroying creatures in Feng Shui, which may inhibit the wealth of families

in addition, when raising cats in families with children, attention should be paid to prevent cats from jumping into the children’s room or baby room. Children are very vulnerable. Cats are like tigers in the zodiac. Cats have bright and sharp eyes. For children, they are likely to become evil spirits, causing children to have nightmares or fear for no reason, and so on. And the bacteria on the cat are likely to stimulate the child, causing the child to be allergic or sick

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