Precautions for Feng Shui in housing decoration

Buy a house in the city or build a house in the countryside. When decorating the place where you live, you pay attention to many matters, and the places you pay attention to also have a great impact on us. What are the precautions for Feng Shui in housing decoration? Let’s have a look

precautions for Feng Shui in housing decoration

What are the precautions for Feng Shui in housing decoration

in the master bedroom of housing Feng Shui, the toilet can’t face the bed, which will cause vicious diseases, and there can’t be large dressing glasses on both sides of the bed, which will make people lose sleep or even have nightmares

since we no longer only pay attention to food and clothing in our life, we have higher and higher requirements for the quality of life, so housing Feng Shui is also a very important item. In the taboo of housing Feng Shui, evergreen potted plants are good indoor decorations, but be sure to choose some evergreen plants with strong vitality and not easy to wither and fall leaves

in the feng shui of housing decoration, a clean toilet is very important. The toilet is a place for sewage discharge. In addition to the proper orientation, the most taboo is unclean and peculiar smell. If you keep it clean and dry, you can retain wealth. If there is a corridor in the house, the toilet should only be set at the edge of the corridor, not at the end, otherwise it will be fierce

in ordinary houses, the bedroom door can not be directly facing the door, while the living room is an auspicious sign if it is in the middle of the owner. Irregular houses can not be used as kitchens, which is more likely to affect the health of family members, and can not be used as bedrooms, otherwise it will lead to long-term marriage infertility

the warm lights in the bedroom of Feng Shui housing are more conducive to the feelings of husband and wife, and large windows can not be opened at the head of the bed, Here, I have roughly told you some basic knowledge of housing Feng Shui, so that you can have some experience in home decoration. Don’t put housing Feng Shui in a fierce and taboo way, so as to bring better luck

What are the taboos of Feng Shui in housing decoration

when decorating the toilet, it is best to avoid facing other doors, especially the door of the bedroom. Because the toilet belongs to the place where the sewage is discharged in a family, if the toilet door is directly opposite to the bedroom door, the filthy gas in the toilet may enter the bedroom for a long time, which may disturb the fate of the residents of the bedroom. Residents may feel that they are often unlucky and have trouble at work. The impact on health will also be relatively large, but it has a very large impact on financial luck. It may reduce the wealth of residents rapidly, resulting in the occurrence of money loss

when decorating the house, the toilet in the house must be paid special attention to, because the toilet belongs to a sewage discharge place in the house, which has a lot of filth and Yin. If it goes on for a long time, it may cause the accumulation of filthy Qi and Yin Qi, which will have a great impact on the residents. Therefore, when decorating the toilet, it is best to open a window for the toilet. Because the toilet is easy to gather dirty gas and Yin gas, if there is a window, there will be light in, and it can also make the dirty gas and Yin gas of the toilet flow out of the window, which can reduce the impact on residents. In the toilet, the toilet also needs special attention. It is best to avoid the toilet in the toilet facing the door of the toilet. Because the toilet is the place where the sewage is discharged, the toilet is a place where the family has a relatively large amount of filthy gas. If it is directly opposite to the toilet door, it may make the residents open the toilet door, which will make the filthy gas surround themselves. If it goes on for a long time, it may reduce the health and fortune of the residents to varying degrees. It may also make residents lose money and other bad situations

ten taboos of Feng Shui in housing decoration

taboo 1. If you hit a person who avoids water, you can’t put a fish tank at home. It’s not as recognized by the outside world. You can collect money as long as you put a fish tank. Residents must be clear about the five elements of happiness and taboos. If there are special taboos, they should be avoided at home.

taboo 2. Open mirrors shall not be installed in the bedroom. Too large mirrors will disturb the magnetic field of residents and cause disorder

taboo 3. If you don’t want to damage the health of diners at home, it is recommended not to face the stove to the kitchen door or back balcony

taboo 4. People who use the couch and bed under the beam for a long time are prone to disease and pain

taboo v. the vertical eaves of the canopy should be made into an arc and avoid arrow shape. The vertical eaves of the balcony canopy cannot be in the shape of an arrow, which is harmful to those who often go in and out of the balcony.

taboo VI. plants with wide broad-leaved leaves should be planted at home, and sharp and thin leaves of cactus should be avoided, which is easy to cause disputes. Plants at home should also be carefully selected. Don’t plant plants with slender leaves, so the owner is easy to provoke disputes. Ferns and kudzu vines should not be planted. Such plants are shady. If they grow luxuriantly, they are easy to provoke at home ” Unclean ” ; Something

taboo 7. The location of the toilet is very important in home feng shui. If the plane of the house is divided into nine equal parts, the one in the middle is home ” Zhonggong ” , The location of the home toilet cannot be ” Zhonggong ” ; The so-called “up”; The toilet occupies the middle Palace ” , It’s bad for the family’s wealth and health

taboo 8. In addition to the interior of the building, the decoration of the architectural appearance is also important. Someone made some protrusions on the roof, such as large objects such as heads. From the appearance, it looks like a tumor in the house. This kind of exterior decoration with bad image should be avoided in Feng Shui at home

taboo IX. exterior decoration with bad image should be avoided in home decoration. Remember not to make extra large objects such as heads on the roof

taboo 10. Do not install mirrors at home to avoid damaging the indoor magnetic field. Sometimes, in order to show the extension effect, the interior likes to be decorated with a bright mirror, but it is best not to install a large mirror in the bedroom, which will make the magnetic field of the person who keeps it as his own heart disordered due to reflection

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