Is it good feng shui for house near mountain or hill?

Many feng shui beginners ask one question that is it good for house near mountain or hill?  per feng shui principle, If the hill is at back of your house, this hill is supporting hill. It means that you have support. If the hill is located at sides of your house, those hills are assisting hills. So In general, if the house is near hill, it is very good for feng shui. But it will depend on what kind of hills which around you home.

 Exterior feng shui hill mountain feng shu

Exterior feng shui hill mountain feng shui

There are 2 kinds of mountain (hill), one is “rich hill”, and another is “poor hill”.

Rich hill also be called as auspicious hill, the auspicious mountain has round shape and full of vitality. The auspicious hill will bring positive feng shui to your home.

Poor hill as fierce hill, steep hill and barren hill are poor hills. So if your house’s back facing those kind hills, it will affect the feng shui of your home and bring negative feng shui to your home.

Another critical factor must be considered, are there any risk of debris flow of the hill?

So if you build or buy house that near hill, you shall pay more attention to what kind of hill near the house. It is very important for your home feng shui. Good Luck!

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