Exterior feng shui-feng shui tips for house near river

We had discussed many feng shui tips inside of house and the importance of road in feng shui. So today, we will talk about the importance of river in feng shui.

More and more people would like to build up their house near the river to get good waterscape. But if you chose the house location improperly, the river cannot bring good fortune and positive feng shui to your home. So there are some feng shui tips for house near river which you must read..

  1. Do not build your house near the dirty and noisy river. the dirty and noisy river are full of negative feng shui energy Chi. If we build the house near this kind revier, those negative feng shui Chi will flow into our home and affect family’s healthy and fortune.
  2. Keep proper distance with the river. We need to keep proper distance to consider the flood factors. So the proper distance with river will depend on the shape of the contour, if the contour is high enough, the house location can close to the river, but if having lower contour, the house should be located far from the river.
  3. Do not build your house near the river having heavy flow. The heavy flow will bring strong feng shui energy. If those strong Chi feng shui energy rush your house directly. It will damage the balance and harmony. The best river is peaceful.
  4. Avoid river stream rushing your house directly. When you choose your house or buy new house near river, you shall pay more attention to the relative position for house and river. According to Feng Shui, the best stream is the one curved to hug the house. For example B and D house are good position. For A and C house are rushed by Chi feng shui energy directly.

    Exterior river feng shui
    Exterior river feng shui

hope thoes feng shui tips for river can help you to get good outside feng shui.

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