Must see exterior feng shui tips for house near U Shape road

Per our discussion for the importance of road in feng shui, we shall avoid the fast and strong Chi feng shui energy rush to our home directly. So when you choose your house position which near U shape road, you shall pay more attention.

Below picture can show the direction of Chi’s flow. So A house is rushed directly by the Chi. Of course, the influence will depend on the traffic. If the road has heavy traffic, it will bring very strong Sha Chi (Negative feng shui energy). If the road has light traffic, the influence will be limited. If we build our house on B position, it will avoid the rushing.

 Exterior feng shui U shape road facing house

Exterior feng shui U shape road facing house

So B house will get better feng shui than A house.

If you have one house same as A house location. You can use some feng shui tips to reduce and protect your home away from the negative feng shui from road.

  1. Reposition your main door to avoid Chi rushing your main door directly. As you know, the main door is the entry of exterior feng shui energy. So this method can help us to reduce the negative feng shui entering our home.
  2. The fence or hedge is another good choice to protect the house away from negative feng shui energy.
  3. You can have some plants or some landscaping near your main door and window. It would be better if you can have landscaping around front side of house to reduce the negative feng shui.
  4. You also can place a mirror above the door to reflect the negative energies away from the house.
  5. Some feng shui plants can be used to absorb negative feng shui energy, such as cactus. You can place them on the windowsill. Click here to see many feng shui tips for plants.

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