What accessories are suitable for the porch

As the porch is in the important position, which has a great impact on the house transportation, the ornaments placed here should be careful to avoid inadvertently damaging the feng shui of the house. The ancients put lions and unicorns, powerful and spiritual beasts, to guard at the door as the patron saint of the house

If a lion or unicorn is placed outside the house, it will often be subject to many restrictions. Second, it can be placed in the entrance facing the gate, which can also protect the house

many people like to place various animal shaped handicrafts in the porch as ornaments, but they should remember not to collide with the zodiac of the head of household, so as to avoid the risk of being offended by the entry

the situation of the opposition of the twelve zodiac signs is as follows:

in order to match the surrounding environment, the external color can be arbitrary, but the interior of the landlord God cabinet must be red painted with gold dots

to the following, the God of wealth should not be placed at the door of the porch. The God of wealth is divided into civil and military gods. Martial gods of wealth, such as Duke Guan of Wu Sheng and marshal Zhao Gongming of Fuhu, should stand at the door. However, if the gods of wealth, fortune and longevity and the star of wealth and silk face the door, they will give money outside the house, which will be self defeating. Therefore, even if the God of wealth is placed in the porch, it must face the house. Don’t face the door to avoid the leakage of money. The God of wealth faces the house because it can lead money into the house, but you must be careful not to face the toilet or aquarium, so as not to lead money into the house, but it often turns into water

Zodiac rats avoid horses

Zodiac horses avoid mice

Zodiac cattle avoid sheep

Zodiac sheep avoid cattle

Zodiac tigers avoid monkeys

Zodiac monkeys avoid tigers

Zodiac chickens avoid rabbits

Zodiac dragons avoid dogs

Zodiac dogs avoid dragons

Zodiac snakes avoid pigs

Zodiac pigs avoid snakes

for example, The zodiac of the head of household belongs to rat, so it is not suitable to place horse ornaments in the porch. If the head of household is a cow, it is not suitable to put the ornament of herding sheep in the porch, and so on

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