What evil spirits can the porch dissolve

The biggest Feng Shui Effect of home porch is to dissolve the evil spirit that is not conducive to house transportation. Evil spirit is an invisible evil spirit that poses a threat to residential Feng Shui and the owner’s journey

what the porch can dissolve is mainly the evil spirit generated by the outdoor environment facing the door, which mainly has three kinds:

first, dissolve the gun evil spirit, that is, the road or street outside the gate directly rushes into the house in a straight line, which cuts off the momentum of the outward development of the house in Feng Shui. The porch can make this momentum swing in the door and dissolve this gun evil spirit to a certain extent

the second is to dissolve the knife evil spirit, that is, the corner or sharp corner of the gate facing the nearby buildings. The sharp corner is like a sharp blade pointing directly at the house. The Lord is vulnerable to blood and light, which seriously endangers his health. The porch can spread this evil spirit around and play a role in dissolving it

It is the scissors that can protect the entrance of the elevator and dissolve the anger without closing the door

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