What’s the point of keeping pet rats

Healthy pet rats benefit the house and transportation, and whether pet rats are healthy is also closely related to Feng Shui

first of all, cats and mice cannot be kept together. Families who like pet mice had better not keep pet cats, and it is not suitable to place feng shui ornaments such as fortune cat, otherwise it will affect the health of pet mice

secondly, it is not suitable to choose plastic cages for pet rats. Plastic cages have five behaviors of soil, and pet rats have five behaviors of water. Soil will block water, which is not conducive to the financial effect of pet rats. Moreover, plastic cages are easy to be bitten by pet rats, which will damage their wealth

metal cages are most suitable for pet rats, because golden raw water is most conducive to the health of pet rats. In addition, the most important thing to keep pet mice is to keep the cage clean and do not let bacteria breed, otherwise it is not conducive to the health of the family

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