Do you understand the Feng Shui taboos in the decoration of new buildings

The decoration taboos in new buildings, once touched, can form a quite unlucky Feng Shui atmosphere, and the family has lived in an unlucky Feng Shui environment for a long time, and all aspects of luck and health will be adversely affected. In other words, the decoration Feng Shui taboos of home must be paid attention to

the porch should not be dark

many people have heard that the porch can help the home block the evil spirit, effectively block the evil spirit outside the door from entering the home, so as to protect the Feng Shui aura of the home, so they decorate the porch at home, but ignore the Feng Shui taboo of the decoration and repair of the porch. Feng Shui believes that dark light is taboo in the decoration of the porch. Because the original daylighting effect of the porch is not good, when arranging the decoration of the porch, you should pay attention to the installation of auxiliary lighting lamps. If the light of your porch is very dark and there are no lighting lamps, it will be greatly detrimental to home feng shui. After all ” Wealth does not enter the secret door ” , The light of the entrance door is so dark that it will lead to a great loss of wealth in the home. In addition, the dark porch leads to a sluggish home atmosphere, which can not be underestimated

the restaurant is relative to the toilet

in the decoration of the new building, in addition to paying attention to the problem of the entrance, we should not ignore the problem of the restaurant. Feng Shui believes that the location of the restaurant must not be opposite to the toilet. From the perspective of life, the restaurant is the place where the family eats, while the toilet is the place where the family excretes. If the restaurant faces the toilet, it will greatly reduce the family’s appetite and lead to the family’s tasteless food. For a long time, it will inevitably damage the family’s health; Secondly, from the perspective of Feng Shui, the restaurant faces the toilet, and the filth of the toilet will destroy the Feng Shui aura of the restaurant. Once the feng shui of the restaurant is affected, the clouds in the home and the health of the family will be affected. Therefore, you must pay attention to the relative taboo between the restaurant and the toilet when decorating

ceiling above the bed

chandeliers are very common in today’s home decoration and application. Many people will choose to install chandeliers in the home, and many of them will choose to use chandeliers in the bedroom! But in fact, chandeliers can not be installed in the bedroom, especially directly above the bed. Such decoration violates the stress of Feng Shui and touches Feng Shui taboos, which will cause a very bad feng shui aura. We must pay attention to it. The reason why it is not suitable to install a chandelier above the bed is the same as ” Beam capping ” ; The principle is the same, because the feeling of the chandelier tottering will oppress the nerves of the family. If the family sleeps under the pressure of the ceiling for a long time, they will suffer from insomnia, dreaminess and nerve damage, which will affect their health

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