What should Feng Shui pay attention to in house decoration

If you only pay attention to the decoration style of the house when decorating the house without paying attention to the decoration Feng Shui of the house, then you are very wrong. We should know that the feng shui of house decoration is very important. The feng shui of house even determines the development of our future home transportation. How can we not pay attention to it! In that case, what should Feng Shui pay attention to when decorating the house

layout of the room

before decorating the house, we should first do a good job in the space planning and design of the house, and pay attention to the layout and Feng Shui matters in it! After all, the overall pattern of the house is closely related to Feng Shui. The pattern determines the quality of Feng Shui. Of course, we should pay attention to it! According to Feng Shui, the arrangement of the room pattern should be clear, for example, the kitchen, dining room and living room can be connected with each other, while the study, bedroom and guest room need to be together. It is taboo to arrange the kitchen next to the bedroom. The space planning with clear movement and static is not only in line with the requirements of Feng Shui, but also in line with daily life

in addition, Feng Shui is very taboo ” Water and fire overcome each other ” ; Therefore, the toilet and kitchen in the home cannot be relative, otherwise it will be unfavorable to the Feng Shui atmosphere of the home. Finally, we have to pay attention to some common pattern taboos, such as ” Doors and windows are opposite to each other” See the toilet at the beginning” The bedroom faces the door ” ; These are taboos of Feng Shui pattern. You must worry when planning and arranging

treatment of the light in the living room

when decorating, we also need to pay attention to the treatment of the light in the living room. After all, the living room is the main core of the whole home. If the Feng Shui in the living room is bad, the Feng Shui in the home must be very bad, and even lead to adverse effects on the family’s fortune, health, wealth, career, noble people, reputation and other aspects. It can be seen that the importance of Feng Shui in the living room. In the living room feng shui, light is very important. It can be said that light is the main factor that determines the success or failure of the living room feng shui. Therefore, when decorating, we must pay attention to the treatment of the light in the living room

first of all, the light in the living room is forbidden to be dark, so there should be sufficient lighting tools in the living room, and the orientation of the living room should have good daylighting effect, so as to make the light in the living room bright and the Feng Shui atmosphere vigorous! If the light in the living room is dark, it will affect the mood of the family, damage the Feng Shui in the living room, and be detrimental to the development of wealth! The gray and dark visible light has a great impact, so we must pay attention to lighting and natural daylighting

secondly, the light in the living room is also taboo to be too bright and dazzling. After all, when the sun bursts and the sun is too strong, it will cause bad family mood irritability, dry and hot atmosphere, and bring irritability to the family. In this way, it will have a great impact on the family mood and family harmony

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