What are the flowers in the Feng Shui living room

Most people like to put flowers in the living room, but some people like to put fake flowers. So, What’s good for the Feng Shui living room ? What are the taboos of putting fake flowers in the living room? What should we pay attention to when placing flowers? Here are some information about the placement of flower Feng Shui in the living room. Let’s have a look. I hope we can help you

what flowers are good for Feng Shui in the living room

what flowers are good for Feng Shui in the living room?

1. Turtle backed bamboo: it is called turtle back banana, Penglai banana, electric wire lotus and transparent dragon palm. It is an evergreen vine that can effectively absorb carbon dioxide at night, which is six times higher than other flowers! So it’s a good choice to put it in the living room

2. Canna: it is called safflower banana, bracteal flower, Phoenix Tail flower and relieved ginger. This plant has strong resistance and can effectively absorb sulfur dioxide. It’s very good to put it in the living room

3. Pomegranate: it is called an pomegranate, Hai pomegranate and danruo. Placing it in the living room can effectively reduce the amount of lead in the air. The flower pomegranate is red like fire. You can see flowers and fruits

4. Carnation: it is called Luoyang flower and grass carnation. It is a perennial herb. There are many kinds of carnation, which bloom in summer and autumn. Carnation can effectively sweep away the gambling gas in the air, and absorb sulfur dioxide and chloride

living room feng shui furnishings fake flowers taboo

the first statement: Feng Shui furnishings fake flowers have many disadvantages

living room feng shui generally stresses anger, wind generates water, and fake flowers cannot be satisfied, so they are generally not used. In particular, we should use evergreen plants with large leaves to make money and houses prosperous

fake flowers and grasses should not be placed in the living room: it is common that some families like to place many fake flowers and grasses in the living room. Although it seems pleasing to the eye, it is actually easy to bring serious peach blossoms or marriage problems to the male and female hosts; Moreover, it is more likely to bring obstacles to the marriage of unmarried members of the family, easily lead to hypocrisy or bad luck, and even affect the financial luck of the family, make people make mistakes in investment and financial judgment, and cause the phenomenon of poor financial luck

Home Feng Shui is not only recognized by the middle-aged and elderly in the mainland, but also valued by more young people. Many companies that young people start their own businesses also pay attention to the Feng Shui wealth effect brought by flowers and plants, and some young people set up all kinds of common green plants at home

however, some people who are too busy on weekdays bring more fake flowers and grass home, thinking it will bring good feng shui to their home. In fact, fake flowers and plants not only can’t add home wealth, but also often violate the taboo of home feng shui

potted plants are suitable for families without homes in cities. They can provide fresh air for people, reduce the radiation of various electrical appliances, reduce the pollution of various paints and coatings on home air, and adjust the air field of home. Plants also have different categories of yin and Yang of the five elements. Therefore, in a painless environment, different directions and different eight character attributes of the owner bring different Feng Shui effects

the five element classification of plants comes from the color of flowers and the attributes of plants, which requires a little expertise. Fake flowers and grass are mostly made of plastic, cloth and metal wire, and their five elements are different

in addition, fake flowers and grass do not have vitality, so the good effect on home and people is very weak. Some fake flowers and grass with too much metal and too much cloth will also bring various hidden dangers. On the contrary, it affects or hinders the gas field of home

it can be seen that although the fake flowers and grass in the home are often beautiful without care, it is better to use them as little as possible

As we all know, from the perspective of Feng Shui in the book of changes, generally speaking, the material used for Feng Shui transportation mainly considers four factors: the five element attribute of the material, the appearance of the material, the number contained in the material and the theory contained in the material

next, let’s start from these four aspects and put ” Fake flowers ” ; And ” True flower ” ; Make a comparison in the application of home feng shui conditioning, so that we can have a clear and correct understanding from feng shui theory to Feng Shui application

first, from the ” Five element attributes ” ; Consider ” Fake flowers ” ” True flower:

same aspect, ” Fake flowers ” ; And ” True flower ” ; The five element attributes are mainly wood, containing wood and fire” Fake flowers ” ; The main raw materials are plastics, trees, etc. the five elements of trees belong to wood, plastics belong to chemical fiber products, and the five elements belong to fire. Therefore, the five elements are mainly wood and contain wood and fire. And ” True flower ” ; It is well known that wood is the main attribute of the five elements, but why does it contain wood and fire? Because ” True flower ” ; Oxygen can be produced, that is, oxygen is produced by wood, and wood is naturally fire; From another point of view, the five element attribute of oxygen here is fire

different aspects, ” Fake flowers ” ; You don’t need water to irrigate, and ” True flower ” ; Is required. In other words, ” True flower ” ; It’s a drain. In this way, let me tell you a little, ” True flower ” ; Absorbing carbon dioxide in Feng Shui is also a phenomenon of water discharge by wood. What is discharged by wood is water. Therefore, the five element attribute of carbon dioxide here is water. From the analysis here, it is not difficult to see that ” Fake flowers ” ; The five element Shengke contained is ” Wood makes fire” True flower ” ; The five element Shengke contained is ” Wooden aquatic fire, If the person in need of water is using ” True flower ” ; You should pay attention to Feng Shui conditioning, because it needs water itself, and you can use ” True flower ” ; Isn’t it like adding insult to injury to drain water? If he wants to use flowers for conditioning, it is natural to choose fake flowers at this time

Second, the ” Image ” ; Consider ” Fake flowers ” ” True flower:

same aspect, ” Fake flowers ” ; And ” True flower ” ; In terms of appearance, they are all images of flowers, although ” Fake flowers “; It is simulated, but with the continuous progress of science and technology, simulation is ” Fake flowers ” ; In fact, it has reached the level of confusing the false with the true, including color, aroma, taste, shape and so on

different aspects, ” Fake flowers ” ; The flowers will never wither throughout the year, and will always maintain their original color and luster. What they convey to people is an eternal positive information field full of vitality and hope. And ” True flower ” ; Generally, it is seasonal. When it withers and withers, it conveys a negative information field of decline, decline, decadence and death. Therefore, in this sense, ” Fake flowers ” ; Comparable ” True flower ” ; Fragrance, ” True flower ” ; But not ” Fake flowers ” ; Long

Third, from the ” Number ” ; That is, consider the size of energy ” Fake flowers ” ” True flower:

we know that the material used for Feng Shui conditioning is not the greater the energy, the better, nor is it the smaller the better. It should be moderate and appropriate, which is also easy to seek the golden mean. For example, we put a flower in the financial position to gather money. If it is too small, we may not have enough energy; If it is too large, it will affect the gas absorption of the whole room. Here we use ” Fake flowers ” ; It’s better because ” True flower ” ; It will grow. In fact, we can’t control the size of energy, and ” Fake flowers ” ; The amount of energy will be left to us to choose, and can remain unchanged

Fourth, the internal relationship between the material and the surrounding environment, that is, a ” Management ” ; Words, including the five elements of the principle of Sheng Ke and the common sense of life. From ” Management ” ; Consider ” Fake flowers ” ” True flower:

1. Although ” True flower ” ; And ” Fake flowers ” ; The five elements all have the attribute of wood, but because of ” Fake flowers ” ; It’s not an active plant. It’s more ” Compatible with ” , And a variety of ” Fake flowers ” ; The room is more convenient for collocation and combination, which will be more conducive to the circulation of the five elements in the room, that is, the conversion of material and energy. Because of ” Fake flowers “; It is more compatible and flexible, so it can more easily regulate the marital feelings of the homeowner, as well as all aspects such as study, financial fortune, official fortune and health. The specific ways and methods of conditioning will be explained in a special article after Fang Zhouyi

  2、” True flower ” ; It usually takes time and energy to take care of it, which is difficult for ordinary people and ordinary families to do

  3、” True flower ” ; Insectivorous Tibetan mosquitoes, some ” True flower ” ; It will release harmful aroma to human body, which is obviously unfavorable to the home environment

Why do some people say indoor display ” Fake flowers ” ; Unfavorable marriage feelings, is that true

according to the yin-yang theory of Zhou Yi, Zhou Yi of the ark believes that everything ” Useful if you can use it ” ;! Regardless of ” True flower” Fake flowers, Put it in a reasonable time and space, it plays a positive and favorable side, and reflects auspiciousness and auspiciousness; However, if we take it to a wrong time and space, it will naturally play a negative and harmful side, and it will naturally be dangerous and evil. Therefore, the arrangement of flowers in Nari is unfavorable to marital feelings, not because of its authenticity, but because of the rationality of space and time

placement of flowers and plants in the living room feng shui

the plant temperament should be coordinated with the owner’s personality and indoor atmosphere:

the layout of the living room should avoid the scattered display of messy green plants or ordinary ornamental flowers on the windowsill, fireplace and TV in the living room. For excessively high rooms, hanging baskets and creeping plants can be used to make them look lower. The lower room can be seen higher with neat and straight plants

the proportion of plant balance is also very important:

plants with large and simple leaves can increase the magnificent decoration of the living room, while complex forms and many colors become ornamental plants, which can enrich the monotonous room. Plants with small leaves and arched branches can make narrow rooms seem more spacious than they really are

flowers can also add vitality and energy to the home:

flowers have a strong Feng Shui effect. Their color and shape will affect the gas energy of the house, and withered flowers will have a negative impact. We must change water and cut flower stems every day to make their effect lasting. At the same time, it is best not to use dried flowers

flower container and placement position:

glass vase should be used in the north of the house. The spherical vase should be used in the West or northwest of the house. High and deep wooden bottles should be used in the east or southeast of houses. The conical vase is suitable for the south of the house. Pottery bowls should be used in the southwest of houses

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