Eight toilet decoration Feng Shui precautions

Feng Shui in the toilet is a disaster area of ferocity, evil spirit and filth. Many of the sources of filth in the home are toilets. After all, the toilet is a place where dirt is hidden in the home. It is precisely because of the filth of the toilet that many people rarely pay attention to the decoration of the toilet, but in fact, there are many matters in the decoration of the toilet. If you don’t pay attention to them, it will lead to poor Feng Shui atmosphere in the home,

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item 1: toilets must not have windows

in many commercial houses today, toilets do not have windows, which many people don’t care about. But in fact, from the perspective of Feng Shui, if there are no windows in the toilet, it will lead to the non emission of toilet filth and odor, which can only be left in the home. In this way, the home will be deeply affected by the filth, odor and moisture of the toilet, How can Feng Shui flourish

item 2: the toilet needs to pay attention to ventilation

in the decoration, even if the toilet has windows, it is also necessary to pay attention to the decoration of the exhaust equipment of the toilet. It is best to install an exhaust fan to help the ventilation of the toilet, so that the bad gas of the toilet can be well discharged out of the room without affecting the Feng Shui gas field of the home

item 3: the toilet door cannot be opposite to the door

during home decoration, the decoration of the toilet door must be paid attention to and cannot be opposite to the door of the home. Because from the perspective of geomantic omen, the toilet is a very dirty and some indecent place. If the toilet faces the door of the home, the bad gas field of the toilet affects the geomantic omen of the door of the home, which will lead to the decline of family fortune. If it inevitably happens ” Toilet to door ” ; The toilet door can be decorated into an invisible door

item 4: the toilet should not be at the end of the corridor

the toilet is a place with heavy Yin Qi. If the toilet is located at the end of the corridor at home, it will form extremely ferocious Feng Shui and lead to too heavy Yin Qi at home, which will affect the family’s luck! Therefore, the decoration of the toilet cannot be at the end of the corridor

item 5: the toilet cannot be on the kitchen

the five elements of the kitchen belong to fire, and the five elements of the toilet belong to water. From the perspective of the five elements, we can know that the toilet and the kitchen are two mutually exclusive spaces, so the toilet cannot be on the kitchen, which is one of the matters we must pay attention to when decorating

item 6: the toilet cannot be bedridden

nowadays, in many houses, there will be a toilet in the bedroom. Although this pattern is unreasonable, the design of bedroom with toilet has become more and more common. If the pattern of your home is the same, you must worry. The toilet in the bedroom can’t be opposite to lying in bed, otherwise it’s not conducive to your health

item 7: Toilet color

when decorating the toilet, you also need to pay attention to the use of toilet color. For example, the toilet can’t use black or red, and you can choose blue, white, etc

item 8: the light of the toilet

the light of the toilet should not be gray. Too gray light will deepen the moisture of the toilet, so pay attention to the lighting of the toilet during decoration

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