How does bedside wall have crack to do

From the perspective of Feng Shui, the head of the bed is behind the wall. This is because the head of the bed is against the wall. The owner has a backer. He can get the help of his elders, superiors and dignitaries. He can do everything with half the effort and make his career develop smoothly. Cracks or water seepage on the wall at the head of the bed is bad feng shui. The relationship between the owner and his boss and elders is poor, he can’t get their help, and his career development is in trouble. In addition, it will affect people’s physical health and cause mental diseases. It is also not in line with the harmonious beauty required by Feng Shui

there are two solutions: :

first, if the crack on the wall at the head of the bed is serious, find a craftsman to cover and paint the wall with cement as soon as possible. If there is water seepage, find the source of water seepage to solve it

Second: if the crack on the wall at the head of the bed is not very serious, that is, there is no problem in the structure, that is, some lines on the surface are faintly visible, you can install wallpaper on the wall, cover it with a picture at the crack, or change the direction of the head of the bed

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