What should we pay attention to in the Feng Shui pattern of home decoration

Home decoration should not only pay attention to style, but also pay attention to the arrangement of pattern. The pattern of home is the tone of the whole home and the basis for determining the quality of home feng shui. If there are problems in the pattern of home, then the feng shui of home will be bad; In that case, do you know what to pay attention to in the Feng Shui pattern of home decoration

kitchen and bathroom relatively destroy Feng Shui

in the arrangement of home pattern, kitchen and toilet are two special areas. Since the five elements of the kitchen belong to fire and the five elements of the toilet belong to water, the arrangement of the two spaces must be avoided, which can not be connected or relative; Also because the kitchen is the place to control the family’s diet, and the toilet is the place where the family excretes. There are essential differences between the two, and the gas field also has obvious mutual restriction. Therefore, in the design of the home pattern, in any case, the toilet should avoid being opposite to the kitchen, otherwise it will have a great impact on the whole home, and eventually damage the health of the family, destroy the wealth in the home, and lead to the deterioration of the feng shui of the home

the space of the bedroom is irregular

people often regard some irregular space as a small bedroom, which may be a guest room or a children’s room, but in fact, such pattern design is also very unfavorable to the Feng Shui atmosphere at home. You should know that the irregular space, the gas field itself is very bad. Due to the irregular pattern, many bad gas fields will be formed. If this irregular space is designed into a bedroom and people stay in the bedroom for a long time, how can we avoid the influence of these bad feng shui? I’m afraid it will be affected by bad feng shui all the time, resulting in poor health and bad luck. Therefore, irregular space can not be used as bedroom. Neither children’s room nor guest room is suitable

the entrance door is bad for the toilet

in addition, we also need to pay attention to the pattern of the entrance door. According to the theory of Feng Shui, the entrance door is closely related to the circulation of the whole house gas field, that is to say, the location of the entrance door is good or bad, which can be related to the circulation of the whole house gas field. It can be seen that the decoration of the entrance door is also very important. According to the knowledge of Feng Shui, the location of the entrance door must not be relative to the location of the toilet. One such pattern is indecent. The toilet is a relatively private place. Such pattern arrangement will affect the privacy of the toilet; And people are not conducive to this pattern of Feng Shui. After all, if the toilet is so dirty, it will only destroy the Feng Shui at the door of the house, so as to destroy the feng shui of the whole home

doors and windows are relatively detrimental to financial luck

the relative pattern of doors and windows is an important pattern affecting financial luck. Such a pattern will lead to the inability of home to store wind and gas. We all know that when home cannot store wind and gas, feng shui will be affected and financial luck will be affected

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